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  1. Ooops sorry i didnt scroll upwards before posting, but anyway glad it was recovered
  2. If you go onto the south yorkshire police ebsite it will give you telephone numbers to contact your local police officers and pcso's so you can make them aware of whats happening and ask them to visit you
  3. Get a description and contact your local PCSO's or SNA (safer neigbourhood team) the team can be found by logging onto the south yorkshire police website and looking on the SNT/ SNA search. They will get someone to patrol round make them aware of the unoccupied property too
  4. Keep thoes stories coming in facinating stuff
  5. I belive in all that, and belive that when you are dying someone does come to guide you there maybe a loved one from the past or your spirit guide, or angel. I hope someone made my mums passing over a smooth and safe journey and that she is now peaceful and watching over me
  6. How lovely and scary, maybe we should get to gether as a group and do a tour of the hospital grounds one evening
  7. The NGH is said to have a few ghosts, it was classed as the workhouse in Victorian times. People were shut away in there for having children out of wedlock. My aunt was a sister there and tole me of one story. There is a Hospital in Loughbrough although its closed down, there are beds and other itmes still in there and have heard of security guards who have heard babies crying in there during the night
  8. I don't like her, but his awful news for her and her family. Cancer is a horrible thing to have. I have lost both parents to cancer and its horrid to see someone deteriorate from it
  9. Well cant prove anything but there is something not right about the people involved with it, and cant put my finger on what it is. I am aware that is was /is funded by South Yorks police.
  10. I would be interested to know if any one else has had any other experiences with this outfit. Somethings not quite right with it
  11. It is Venus the brightest in the sky
  12. Has anyone tried applying for funding from PUAC for secuirty measures for their business - if so how did you rate them?
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