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  1. Hi there - Thanks for getting in touch. I have PM'd you.
  2. Hi all - we are a new business start up and need some commercial kitchen space to rent in, or very close to, Sheffield. Seems to be lots of availability in other cities but can't seem to find anything in this area. Would happily look into the feasibility of sharing some space with another catering start-up or possibly rent kitchen space from a pub or similar which doesn't currently do food.... I don't think church or community centre would be adequate because we would need to be able to access the kitchen in the evenings and at weekends. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. 7 Lakes Cravan Park at Ealand (nr Crowle) - 45 mins from Sheffield. Good for pike fishing.
  4. I was under the impression that although affiliated with the RSPCA, the Sheffield site is run independently, relying entirely on charitable donations from the Sheffield area. Additionally, I am led to believe that they are currently running at a loss of about £3000 per week. With this in mind, I sincerely doubt that it is a case of the RSPCA not doing their jobs properly but that there are insufficient funds and resources available for them to help every mistreated animal in the region. I might be wrong but I was talking to one of their Trustees just yesterday while I arranged the adoption of some cats whom the Sheffield RSPCA have nursed back to very good health on very limited resources.
  5. What is it exactly that you think should happen to improve things? Or indeed what is it that you think A&E staff are doing back there whilst you're just left twiddling your thumbs for 4 hours? The truth of the matter is, there are a lot of time wasters coming in to A&E. Similarly, far too many people use the service inappropriately rather than going to minor injuries, walk in centre or just wait to see their GP. In addition to these people are the genuine victims of accidents or emergencies whose lives and limbs might be seriously compromised. A&E staff and medical/nursing staff in general are stretched well beyond their means at the moment with government plans to make us do a great deal more with far less resources. Staff routinely go without lunchbreaks or toilet stops because it is just so busy. We realise how frustrating and boring it can be to be left in a waiting room but it simply cannot be avoided when the sheer volume of people waiting to be seen have to be prioritised accordingy. Maybe if people took a little more time to consider where best to go for treatment and a little less time slagging off the NHS, the situation would improve!
  6. Just print it out and take it with you. The conductor will check it against a list.
  7. Hello, Other than the Lescar on Sharrowvale Road, does anyone know of any pub quizzes that take place on a Tuesday night? Thanks
  8. More often than not, staying in hospital for a lengthy amount of time is more detrimental to a patient's health than sending them home to complete their recovery. It is true that if active treatment has finished, going home is a much better option in order to avoid the risk of developing chest infections etc. In a place which deals with poorly people, it is an unfortunate fact that despite universal precautions, risk of infection is going to be higher than if a person is in their own home. If the OP feels that their nan is not going to be safe at home for whatever reason, they need to raise it with ward staff who I'm sure will offer a full explanation as to why the medical team feel that discharge is the best option. Or indeed get the relevant therapy services involved to ensure that from a social, rather than medical perspective, your nan has a safe discharge. The taxpayers' money only stretches so far and I personally feel that frontline NHS staff do the best that they can under such difficult circumstances.
  9. What was she admitted with and when you say she's not fully better, what do you mean? Have you raised your concerns with the medical staff? And as for the blanket, had your nan told the nurses she was cold, or asked for another blanket? Nurses are not psychic and usually have a lot of patients to look after at any one time. To do so effectively requires 2 way communication. To say that the NHS has a can't be bothered attitude is completely untrue and unfair.
  10. Try dotcomgiftshop.com - they had something very close to the description you've given, not very long ago. Good luck!
  11. Does anyone actually know what's happened? As amusing as people may think they're being, I assume the OP wanted a serious answer. Being a member of this gym, I would also quite like to know but am not currently in Sheffield to go and investigate myself. Thanks
  12. Hello there, I am a 3rd year student at Guitar-X (London College of Music) who is offering guitar lessons in your own home for £20 per hour (or £12 for 1/2 an hour). I have been taught by some of London's leading session musicians, some of whom also write for Guitar Techniques and Total Guitar magazines. I can teach a range of musical styles including rock, jazz, blues, country, funk, reggae and pop, ranging from beginner to intermediate levels. I am based in S7 and am willing to tutor anywhere within a 5 mile radius. Please contact hellewelljohn@aol.com or 07507855694 for further information. Thanks John
  13. Exactly, "if"! But we don't. The fares will rise in January and I won't be surprised if we're having the same conversation a few months down the line when they put them up again.
  14. I understand that these increases affect all bus users and am happy for all of you 'would be' bus users who will now be travelling by car because it is cheaper. Spare a thought though, for those of us who live down Abbeydale Road and work at the NGH but don't drive. I have no choice but to use buses to get to work, worse still, it is only First who run services on that route. They are effectively holding passengers to ransom who have no other choice if they want to get to and from work. It's extortionate and completely unacceptable, yet totally predictable and, I fear, inevitable.
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