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  1. Does anyone know of anyone that does trigger point massage in sheffield rotherham please
  2. Does anyone know of a decent horse field in or near killamarsh preferably with water tap
  3. Willows at spinkhill is excellent, been using them about five years now;)
  4. Have you any idea of time, I would like to support them
  5. Does anyone know what has happened to the horses abandoned in Clowne. I read there was a protest about them but it didnt say what had become of them.
  6. ThEr are some evil people, more interested in making a fast buck than the consequences. Sorry that this happened and for your kids.
  7. I replied yesterday to the pm did you get it. x ---------- Post added 08-01-2013 at 16:48 ---------- Hen Hugger I tried to pm you but your mail box is full.
  8. Thank you for helpful replies, just to say I wasn't going to just take the horse, of course I wouldn't do that but would try and find the owner. RSPCA are not interested, and having spoken with other people his circumstances are probably adequate but there's a world of difference between adequate and suitable. It's probably a case of my heart ruling my head and the advice re the probable temperament of this horse is probably quite correct. I just felt I needed to explore options rather than just give up on him. Thank you for your advice and replies.
  9. Does anyone know how much it would cost to rent a field for grazing a horse, or how much for stabling over the winter months. I am seriously considering trying to find the owner of the horse I wrote about the other week and trying to buy him, no one has been anywhere near and if it wasnt for the residents on the lane near the field who have changed his water barrel he would have only had dirty water. I think the guy buys and sells horses at market, this horse escaped the last batch as they couldnt catch him. I am just sounding this out as it may not be feasable and I know bog all about horses but if I can afford it/ can find the owner etc etc I will try. He deserves better than he is getting at the moment. Any help re the best way to go about this would be appreciatted.
  10. thank you for your helpful replies. There is only one entrance to the field and when the horses were all in there the hay was left just inside the gate area, there is no evidence of any hay being in that area at all recently. The horse may well be recieving a bucket feed, I did not consider this. Main concern is the mud, the horses feet and legs are caked in mud. I will just monitor the situation from now, I do not have any knowledge of horses and how they are kept and perhaps I expected that there would be some shelter provided for the bad weather.
  11. so sorry to hear this, what a terrible story. My gsd is dog aggressive and not off the lead where other dogs are about, this person was totally irresponsible and should be brought to task for not having his dogs on a lead.
  12. No show for RSPCA or at least they have not been in touch as promised. Will check tomorrow and if no sign of food I will contact the stables on station road.
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