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  1. well said dutch as always on here far too much speculation and not enough fact's .
  2. my son wants a custom made controller for his ps4 ,doe's anyone know where to get one from locally either sheffield or surrounding areas .also if you have one are they worth the money.........thank you
  3. my son is looking to join a u13 team but can only play saturdays anyone know if there is any ????????????????
  4. looking for any boy's interested in playing rugby union under 13s must be in year 8 in september . come along and join a great bunch of boy's and coaches for training on gosforth field's . for further information contact ::teresa 07941833337.
  5. does anyone please know the new phone number for the club on the dale as the 255 one no longer exist thanks.
  6. just approached woodseats driving towards meadowhead and the police have closed the road near tesco's not sure what's happend but looked serious.
  7. this will be my last reply as everything you write is wrong and i know this and i'm not going to give anymore information as you obviously know better than some one with inside knowledge.and you are making yourself look silly with all the rubbish your writing.
  8. haha @lazarus i wish they was on a bonus i can guarantee you that's not the case at all. ---------- Post added 02-08-2014 at 18:14 ---------- so lazarus again i feel the need to correct you .the man with the stop watch does not exist but you may have seen a time and motion man monitoring the men to make sure they are working accordinley the bin men do not get work a quota bonus at all your talking rubbish and veolia have the contract for 25 year so they dont need there contract renewing .
  9. is there a carboot at chesterfield on easter sunday ?
  10. my mother inlaw used to work there . ---------- Post added 23-02-2014 at 07:40 ---------- i went in the wybourn youthclub when colin run it and then later to one on garden street.
  11. dennis oconnor fitted my laminate floor on Saturday at short notice ,he did a fantastic job ,very professional and nothing is too much trouble and he was cheaper than anyone else that had quoted me i would highly recommend him to anyone lovely fella .. dennis oconnor 07879656097
  12. my dear old mum is always talking about neck of mutton soup that her mum used to make for her and how much she loved it . does anyone have a recipe for this that there mother/grandmother would have given them as i would love to make her some and she has never made it herself .thanks
  13. it already has ,there is nothing there at the moment .they have just laid the foundations for a new sainburys to be built.
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