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  1. I walked past it, looked bad but wouldn't want to say to much
  2. I work in very close contact with the A&E staff and may i just thank you all, lots of the staff do an amazing job there, behind the scenes too and we very rarely get recognised for it, strangely enough i have just applied for a job up in A&E on the reception as i would love it. So on behalf of their staff thank you all, its so refreshing.
  3. The one at Manor top is Mirage's new shop, me and hubby have been using these for 5 months and not once missed a 'proper' cig, i think they're brill, will be giving these up soon though. Definately have a look at Mirage.
  4. I know the lady in the Picasso, she's fine and just going home now, the other driver DID run a red light but luckily no one was badly hurt.
  5. Totally agree, not that i went to the pub they used to have all the time it was just a good place to meet your mates for a drink and a catch up.
  6. Oooh i watch out for that then, wasnt questioning you but you know how it is on here lol
  7. Is this true?? Where did you get your info from?
  8. I've also posted this on my Facebook as I'm local, hope she's found safe soon xx
  9. Yeah we saw the helicopter and were just coming back frome my sisters when i police car sped past us on Hadfield house land, then another one at the traffic lights on the end at bellhouse rd, hope they caught em, thieving little gits lol
  10. Lots?? How many is lots? Anyone know whats happened yet?
  11. Oh dear, i thought it must have been very serious as the rd closed off and a lot of police presence, my thoughts go out to all involved xx
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