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    Where I live. (Off Abbeydale Rd.)

    I lived there over 10 year ago, literally in the upper-floor flat (next to the bus stop and above the property agency) displayed in the photo of the news. Obviously it is not the best area in Sheffield, but at that time the criminal rate was not too bad. Things may have changed in the last few years.
  2. I think the point is why they do not use a vacuum cleaner or something similar to suck up the rubbish, but just blow the litter away from the pavement.
  3. ken_lym

    Mossbourgh Parkway Closed

    Jumping off the bridge? Again? Hope everything is all right now.
  4. ken_lym

    Antics Models Closing

    I walked along the Furnival Gate on Saturday, and found nearly all shops were closed. The re-location of the marketplace to the Moor doesn't seem to help this area that much.
  5. ken_lym

    Ski village the future

    I completely agree. Given what happened on the Ski Village in the last few years, I wonder who would have so much confidence to invest any hard-gained money on this site.
  6. ken_lym

    Birds sheffield 8..

    Maybe they have moved a bit south. We have seen more birds in our area S20.
  7. ken_lym

    The demise of the Odeon Cinema?

    The last time we visited Odeon was about 15 years ago. The screen was too small.
  8. :thumbsup: The best answer!
  9. The barber shop keeper must have lost his mind. Why would he turn your business away?
  10. ken_lym

    101 night noise service cancelled

    I used this council service once, back some 12 years ago. They promised to send someone to my next door neighbour, but never turned up.
  11. ken_lym

    Stolen fence panels!

    OMG! Never thought before that people would steal these fence panels. Who would they sell them to?
  12. ken_lym

    Too many traffic lights?

    I agree completely. Too many traffic lights around the University of Sheffield and the West Street. Some of them are not much used by the pedestrians.
  13. ken_lym

    Council giving away fruit trees

    I wish they would extend this offer to all residents in Sheffield, and I'd like an apple tree in my garden.
  14. ken_lym

    Car Park Space Availability?

    Used to live on Collegiate Crescent more than ten years ago, and at that time we had plenty space to park, but now I can hardly find any.
  15. Thanks for the detailed schedule. I need to visit a friend in the Moor on Sunday, but now think I'm better off postponing it to next week.

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