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  1. There is also a supertram stop there, that also takes you in to the centre of sheffield as well. If you disabled then i'm pretty sure you get passes to use public transport for free as well, so what you whingeing about?
  2. As a rail commuter, who buys a ticket i think these gates are a more than welcome addition. Sometimes i wonder if the people who are kicking off the loudest are the people who are fare dodgers. If you had nothing to hide then you would be more than happy to use the footbridge 50 yards down.
  3. I worked there from 1993 until 1997, at Mamma Amalfi and The Chocolate Factory. Great times
  4. From what i can remember, a heavy session on the Stones or Ward's usually resulted in an lengthy, exciting and occasionally painful to the excrement birthing suite the next morning
  5. No, straight up. It's not compulsary to like the real ale boozers. I usually find them cliquey and not a nice atmosphere, and the beer is usually overpriced and you never know what your getting. I prefer proper boozers like the Penny Black where the atmosphere is friendlier and you can take comfort in the fact that you know exactly what your Carling will be like. I'm also a big fan of the Wetherspoons chain as you know exactly what your getting with them.
  6. So lets get this right, you can put post on the Sheffield Forum but not make a telephone call to someone from Hillsborough Park. I would have thought the logical step would have been alerting the passer by to the plight of the duck, and then asking if they had a mobile to use to contact the RSPCA
  7. Why didn't Y ask X if it was ok to park the car in front of the drive. If you ask me its just bad neighbourship and exemplifies the rude, arrogant and selfish attitude that people show to one and another
  8. Go to Taybarns at Tankersley, there is usually something for everyone and the food is top notch
  9. I've been in the Sheffield Tap before but i wasn't impressed, there is no jukebox, no Smoothflow or Carling and its a bit pricey. I prefer walking on a bit and going to the Penny Black, its cheap, the atmosphere is better and it has got a jukebox and sky sports
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