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  1. Wow!.Interesting reviews.Never thought that the public opinion of the restaurant is so bad...good to be updated about this restaurant.Keep the opinions going.. love to read them ..the more the merrier..at least we genuine food lovers get to know the true picture of restaurants ..whatdoyousay
  2. Unless the reasons are quite clear of the unpopularity of Balti King,I am sure people of Sheffield can be assured of good food always from Balti King. So cmon Sheffield citizens..let us know more about it... we are quite eager to know whats wrong at that place.. I am one of the few regulars out there ...had good food always ....
  3. I am quite regular at Balti King for few years and I have found that the food is very good than most of the Indian restaurants. Quick and Prompt service ...The staff is also nice.I have been there with lots of my friends and family too... Fail to understand why the unpopularity?.maybe competitors are not happy with the success of the restaurant.
  4. amazing.... what are the restaurants that we should strictly avoid? any idea or inputs?
  5. well.. im surprised why there are few popular Indian restaurants, is the quality of the food so bad or is it the services thats pathetic?..What is the opinion of the people of Shefffield
  6. cool...what are the worst ones out here in Sheffield?... Heard bad opinions about Balti King, but I found it to be a nice place.
  7. Hiya: I would like to know which are the best Indian Restaurants in Sheffield. I have been to Balti King, Fulwood Road, Sheffield. I found their services to be quick and efficient and the food also tastes good.I have been quite regular at their place.Can anyone suggest any other places to visit and places to avoid.Love to try out different restaurants. So all food lovers, can you please provide me some details.Cheers
  8. apart from telewest which is the other reliable provider... got poor opinion of bulldog, wanadoo, and some other networks.. any input on this matter ... cheers
  9. nopes .. called them... they are not having any such plans to expand in the near future because of cost constraints..
  10. Hi spyro2000 Since you are working in Telewest ,can you please find out whether telewest has got any cable broadband connection in the broomhill manchester road area.. it seems telewest is not offering any services in that area after i typed in the post code..which is bad news... we are quite eager to have cable braodband in our house and if telewest can sort out connections to this area..that would be great news to us and all the people in this area . Telewest can get loads of customers here.. . Can you sort out this issue and let me know the details... please.. cheers
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