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  1. Thanks to MORTHILL for sorting this out for me. MODS can you close this topic as its now sorted
  2. Thank you for your assistance really appreciated, i have spent many a frustrated hour trying to get this sorted and now lost the will 😒 I will contact an aerial person.
  3. Just checked and tv aerial (brown) connected to recorded, also i can watch pre recordrd dvd but cannot record from tv, just shows im recording a black square!! tv is KDL 32V4000 recorder is RDR HXD890 Sorry im a complete novice with this sort of stuff.
  4. The dvd recorder was recording from the tv.
  5. I've got a Sony TV and DVD player which I disconnected and now cant for the life of me get it back to record. Can anyone recommend a competent person 🙂 Thanks
  6. Hi Have you or do you know of someone who has had a motor incident/accident with the traffic island at the Archer Road Retail Park slip road. If so please p.m. and I will explain the reason im asking. Thanks Ssusie.
  7. Free for collection 2 scaffold planks and 6 breeze block. Ideal for raised borders. Used as shelving in garage but not needed anymore. 07540362202 ITEMS HAVE NOW BEEN COLLECTED BUT WENT WITHIN 30 MIN OF POSTING. THANKS
  8. I had parked my car outside of The Avenue Medical Practice on Reaney Avenue this afternoon 16.10 approx. Not been in the surgery long when another patient came in asking who owned the silver Peugeot as the passenger window had been smashed. A small grey ruck sack and a red handbag had been stolen along with other items in the bag. If any one has any information on the person/s who did this please either let myself or the Medical Centre know. I know this is a long shot but just maybe some one might know or hear something.
  9. I can recommend gary , he is on the forum as g&k services on 07913010534. Cut mine and my neighbours hedges and lawns and made an excellent job for a very good price.
  10. Newsagent doubtful I will be able to get it, so thought I would ask here in the meantime.
  11. Have tried to get a back copy of this from my newsagents but will have to wait till Monday to find out whether they have any left. Would anyone have a copy of this paper that I can have if, so please pm me. Thanks
  12. Can also recommend CD Roofing <number removed>. Recently had flashing round chimney stack repaired, some tiles replaced and gutters cleaned. Very professional and friendly service. Mod edit- Craig has asked me to remove this recommendation as he is no longer working as a roofer and it's time consuming for people to contact him and wait for a returned call only to find out that he's no longer able to do the work.
  13. I can highly recommend Matt @MJB Electrical 07795264415 who made an excellent job of replacing bathroom fan and shower and making accessible kitchen sockets. Also, Scott Shepherd - kitchen installer/joiner 07743317125 for making good and finishing off a recently installed kitchen. Wish i had known about these guys 12 months ago. **************************************** Has any body used or intends to use RJP ENTERPRISES S35 for new kitchen / electrics? If so can you please pm me as you may have some information that i need.
  14. Hi Matt No joy from "builder" so passed info on to Trading Standards. Thanks for recommending a kitchen fitter, coming next week. So after nearly a year will eventually have a finished kitchen.
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