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  1. Higham Farm between Clay Cross and Alfreton has some superb tench - last time I went I had a six pounder out whilst fishing one foot from the bank. The owner is a bit of a miserable ****** but my technique is to doff my cap, tell him that his is the best fishery in the universe, there is nowhere that fishes like this, I don't know how he manages to keep it fishing so well, why has he not got an OBE yet, five minutes of this and he is your best friend for the day - repeat all above steps every time you go. Tench there are best caught with sweetcorn or bacon roll (B&M - 99p per tin) Do not overfeed.
  2. Personally I would like to see a 6 month license option as I tend to fish mainly in the warmer weather and my season tends to be from April to September. After this, the fishing tends to get poor and the daylight isn't long enough. If the license fee increases I think the 6 month option would do well.
  3. We would be happy to photograph your wedding - our prices start at £175 for two photographers http://www.robstroudphotos.weebly.com
  4. We can do your wedding pictures for you - we live not a million miles from Wortley Hall - we start at £175 for two photographers supplying a CD of high resolution images. Check out our website http://www.robstroudphotos.weebly.com
  5. Yes I do - it is http://www.robstroudphotos.weebly.com but easier to find if you google rob stroud photos
  6. We at Rob Stroud Photos would be more than happy to photograph your wedding - our prices start at £175 for CD only including 2 photographers for 2 hours each - all day coverage with CD and editing is £425 and if you do want an album the total price is £575 - Google Rob Stroud Photographics for more details.
  7. It still contains some good(ish) carp and some nice perch. They are not easy to catch but my advice would be to float fish it with a fairly weight float so you can get out to the middle at this time of year. When you plumb the depth have just enough shot next to the hook to sink the float - don't use a plummet lead as it will sink into the bed of rotten leaves on the bottom of the pond and give you an entirely false idea of the depth. Good baits are luncheon meat, bacon grill (99p from B & M) or sweetcorn. I have also seen them caught on bacon rind on a 10 or 12 hook. Bites can be few and far between but as the fishing is free it is worth a try. Good luck!!
  8. I started out in wedding photography when I was 18 - I photographed my sister's wedding as she could not afford a professional - I offered no guarantee but as I was studying photography at the time, thought I would do ok. The pictures were fine. Other family members saw the pictures and I ended up photographing my cousin's wedding - again for free. I got a holiday job in a steelworks - Firth Brown - and was having a pint one lunchtime with one of the workers - he told me he was getting married and hadn't booked a photographer so I ended up doing his wedding for a few pints. I built up a portfolio in this way and started talking to people who were getting married but by this time I had pictures to show people what I could do. If I were starting out now, I would do weddings for free just to get the experience and the portfolio required. I agree that in general terms it is unfair to expect a photographer to photograph your wedding for free, but in the same way, it is unreasonable as a photographer to expect someone to pay you to do a job when you have no experience and cannot prove your capability to do what is required. I have been photographing weddings for 37 years now and every wedding brings its own challenges and its own pitfalls - I have learned by experience and I am still learning, but the weddings I did for free were my apprenticeship and I wouldn't have had it any other way. I hope the OP does find someone willing to photograph their wedding for the experience it will give to them and I wish them all the best for the future.
  9. Pro Am in Bradford are very good - you need to download their profile and assign it to your image otherwise the prints look a bit washed out - and they print at 420 dpi so you need to make your prints x by y at 420 dpi. I have collected from them in the past - it gives me a good excuse to look at Bradford Camera Exchange and see what they have to offer in their second hand window - there is loads of stuff to look through. Pro Am are just at the back of their shop.
  10. I ended up in a pay and display just behind Telephone House - 5 minute walk to Town Hall - £3 for 6 hours - not bad really. I have fallen foul of some multi-stories in Sheffield and ended up paying a small fortune. Many years ago I used to park near the Diamond pub past the bottom of the Moor - it was free all day - those days are gone now.
  11. Thanks Papalazarou - will take this advice!! Does this mean I am your wife now?
  12. I am at a wedding tomorrow at Sheffield Register Office - where is the cheapest place to park for a couple of hours? Used Coles in the past but rumour has it that it is very expensive now.
  13. Top Tread Tyres near Shoreham Street are very very good - they are fair and will not fail a car just to get work.
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