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  1. The footpath on Wadsley lane as been resurfaced, all except the path under the big tree's that are below the horse & jockey pub. This 100yd stretch as a concrete bollard at either end, stopping them using the machines, what happened to manual labour. Will they be back?
  2. I think we can put this thread down to Inflation :hihi:
  3. Hi Rachel Hope you enjoy your trip to the fox valley complex, as we did on Sunday. for the toilets are in between NYC & the cash machine, up the stairs.While there take time to look at the photo's and for a bite to eat go to Samuel's cafe, just behind the complex.
  4. Thankyou for the link,so has it been moved to the outside of the complex and not inside, i looked on Sunday and was expecting to see a gap at the end on Pontis and the wall. Also noted the date on when the appeal was to be held, April 1st.
  5. Did it!, where did it get moved to?
  6. Went to the new shopping outlet in Stocksbridge today, found this fantastic cafe behind the outlet, great food and a good cuppa at Yorkshire people's prices too. 100yds from the main carpark, would have been 50, but someone has forgot to put the ancient public right of way in, when building the complex. Thoroughly recommend the cafe, a good way to start your shopping adventure.
  7. Heard them twice last night, between 7pm & 8.30pm, 2 sets of 2 loud bangs. Sounded if it was in the loxley to bradfield valley.
  8. I can recommend Chris from BMV Cosmetic car repairs, did a great job on my rear bumper.
  9. Ask the UKIP Councillor, Jack Clarkson, to expand on his comments and name the councilors?
  10. Just read the article from the Star regarding the Council Tax rise, why was the council discussing what goes on in Syria and the EU, when they should be trying to resolve the problems we have here in Sheffield. If they discussed the real things that affected Sheffield, the meetings would be shorter, so saving on heating and electricity. A couple of points raised by the forum, collect all the Cities debts is a must, employ collectors on a percentage basis pay and watch the money come in. Do Council employee's need over £100k wages to be able live comfortably in Sheffield? Put a cap of £100k and tie the extra pay into point one.
  11. Hi Tim All 3 stillhave the leather grips on them, will have to take pics of them.
  12. i will go and take some details and post them. ---------- Post added 05-03-2016 at 12:00 ---------- had a look and we have 3,, Vickers Immaculate Niblick, rustless steel with 2 K's back to back on it. Mid-iron rustless iron with no.2 & a Mashie, rustless iron with no.6.
  13. The theme of the post, is not if drivers stop or not, its more about the lack of knowledge of the highway code and the ability to read simple signs. Another one to throw out there is, drivers who block the yellow box,,,,,, when they can't go anywhere, but are worried they may lose their place in a queue.
  14. It is similar with drivers going up hagg hill-rivilen, the sign on the left shows you have the right of way, as you go round the corner and yet you always get drivers stopping on the hill.
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