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  1. The creation of a multi-cultural society is the best known way to stop Europeans from butchering themselves. That's what I believe. When I saw the Muslims protesting against the soldiers I immediately thought of one thing: good for them for having the courage to say what's on their minds. After all, people, it is an acknowledged fact that the toll for civilian casualities in the Iraqi atrocity was so high that the authorities stopped counting them. Is anyone here saying that it is wrong for someone to declare that the whole enterprise in Iraq was a bloodbath for the innocents? Can it be considered wrong to blame those who where actually there? - the soldiers who wielded the weapons and who added to the butcher's bill. Was Saddam Hussein really a menace to the UK, and did so many thousands have to die to slake the appetites of Blair and the New Labour gangsters? For myself, I think the Muslims have shown considerable restraint. If my co-religionists were being slaughtered in such numbers as to be considered uncountable, I too would raise a fuss. And I too would direct my anger towards those who were pulling the triggers.
  2. I'm off now. Mucho mucho appreciato. See y'all again. w.
  3. Anyway, I thought my comment about 'moral philosophy' etc. was rather good.
  4. cloudybay: Well, my friend, you spelt 'consummate' with one m instead of two. And for such a small posting you had to go back and re-edit. So, my bolshie friend, I leave others to decide who is the 'idiot'.
  5. For a faith-based philosophy it isn't essential that the object of veneration is 'actually real'. Jesus - or Yoshua Bar Yusuf, as was most likely his name - was probably a genuine character who lived in Galilee two thousand years ago. It doesn't matter if he lived or was as fictional as Gandalf the Grey. What matters is that his moral philosophy was adopted and helped create Western civilisation, and that the mystical elements which were added onto this philosophy have proven themselves to be a great help to those in need of spiritual comfort.
  6. Wildcat: I'm starting to think that the New Labour cabinet, at the very least, is made up of hardline Marxists, kowtowing to a Kremlin agenda to assist the final destruction of Western capitalism. The fact that they insist on throwing money at the bankers is, for me at least, evidence that they are working towards the ultimate meltdown of all capitalist finance.
  7. I hope the BNP is not going down the road of claiming that anyone who is not gung-ho for an all-white Britain is therefore a communist. Much as I have no great admiration for the philosophy of the BNP, I wouldn't hesitate to state that I think Marxist communism has proved itself to be, without exaggeration, actually evil. Racism still sucks, though. I like multi-cultural UK and what we had before was rubbish, a tinderbox of mindless jingoism and self-destruction.
  8. I certainly don't endorse the BNP, not on any level, but I will say this; there'll be interesting times ahead for all of us should they exercise any kind of political power beyond the municipal town hall. I will say that for them; they are promising us an unforgettable journey. ---- Nice irony, mickyboy. But, I'll admit, you have made a good point.
  9. depoix: "but in those days" I'm giving the impression, perhaps, that I'm talking about the past; but the instinct for gang loyalty and the accompanying violence is still very much with us today, unchanged. In some decades it is worse than others. It might be on the rise today, but even if it were to be dampened down a little, it would never disappear.
  10. I'll try not to get involved - and likely get my head kicked in - but I am looking forward to seeing it on the telly.
  11. Streamline: The BNP is a support network for white people who feel discriminated against. Why would anyone need such a support? If someone is being discriminated against then he or she only has to go to a police station and report the incident.
  12. Grahame: People abuse Christianity but they don't know what they are talking about. You are absolutely right on that point.
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