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  1. Yet we poineered democracy AND the industrial revolution AND were the first european power to take ruling power from the monarch. Oh and we ruled the waves!
  2. Well there is if only for ID purposes. And the fact that it is illegal.
  3. Yeah, wasn't St Paul's tower supposed ot have been completed now? I don't think i've seen any work there for weeks! Methinks we've had a fast one pulled!
  4. Rock on! Now how can we turn this into a money making scheme...
  5. I'm not sure how you can go about getting a replacement NI card, but if i were you i'd phone someone about it fast! Maybe direct.gov has got something on it?
  6. Leave him alone! I'm sure he's happy sat hunched over his computer 24/7 in the pitch dark of his one bedroom flat; making harsh and unconstructive comments. On here, we call people like you antagonising losers. In regards to the school issue; i really hope your daughter settles in at school! I know i had a fair bit of bullying when i was at Ecclesfield; but i have only ever heard good things about Stocksbridge! Most schools have their good and bad points and most schools will have bullies, but if your daughter keeps her head screwed on she'll be fine! Sit down and have a cuppa!
  7. I imagine that because they now only have one edition, they are trying to get more exposure? Who knows!
  8. Would anyone happen to own a top hat they want to sell or know where i can get one? I want a proper one not one of the fancy dress ones!
  9. I know a fair few vegetarians and they are really very healthy! Who ever said we were made as omnivores? Just because the stereotypical caveman carries a leg of roast t-rex around, doesn't mean there weren't vegetarians then! Some people just don't like the taste of meat and that's up to them!
  10. The boy's over in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting for Queen and Country are risking their lives everyday for a pittance of a wage, fighting somebody else's war. Meanwhile in blighty, football players are getting paid thousands of pounds per week for doing nothing productive but kick a ball around the field. It seems to me this is just mind boggling wrong. Why are soldiers not getting paid more for risking their lives, when the most risk a professional football player is at is the risk of ruining their hairdo. Thoughts?
  11. An electric current passed through the door handle should do it!
  12. I thought that Sheffield was shortlisted as one of three destinations for a depo for these new trains; so surely it would make sense for them to link Sheffield into the network?
  13. It looks like an old manor of some description; it has a big black clock on the front with gold roman numerals! We were just wandering whether it served a purpose or if it is now abandoned or used for some other purpose?
  14. They'd be hard pushed to find intelligent life in Chapeltown! I work there and i know for sure that most of the pond life don't have half a brain cell between them!
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