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  1. Hi, My partner is due to return to work in December and my daughter will be close to 1 year old. We are researching local nurseries / childcare. We both will be working shifts so we will need flexible childcare (eg some days only a few hours) and we are wanting somewhere local to s12. Willing to travel though if necessary. I have contacted Elmore nursery and we plan to check that out soon. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tom
  2. Thanks everyone, will pass this onto him
  3. My friend has built me a new computer from scratch with the new windows 10. I seem to be having problems with wifi, it is really slow and sometimes wont connect. I have fibre optic broadband and when i do the speed check on my phone i'm getting 70mbps, when i do it on the computer i'm not even getting half a meg. I'm aware that some people have had similar problems, just wondering if anyone on here has had the same problem? My friend is coming to have a look on Sunday to see if he can sort it.
  4. Cheers for the quick reply. Budget is around 350, I mainly want it for surfing the net, watching videos and listening to music etc. I do have a flight simulator game which I sometimes use. To be honest, I don't really take my laptop anywhere so I may be better getting a desktop computer.
  5. Hi, Looking to get a new laptop and wanting to get the best for my money. When looking at specs, it all seems very confusing. Anyone able to simply processor types and what's the best? I know the higher the ram, the better. Cheers Tom
  6. Mod note content removed please repost your ad in the property to let section. This section is not for advertising. thanks
  7. Hi all, I have a problem with my laptop. It's a toshiba satellite. When I start I get the message BOOTMGR. I have looked on Google, this says insert disc to restore. I have no disc with this laptop. I have restored in the past and from memory I didn't have to to use a disk then. Any help would be appreciated as I don't want to have to buy a new laptop if I can help it.
  8. Hi I was wondering if anyone could recommend anyone that can build a PC for me? I am into my flight simulator and have seen a game that I am wanting to purchase. I know when I was a kid, computers were just too expensive, I was wondering if the prices have come down slightly. Average prices for a decent computer? Thanks
  9. Anyone who is involved in a club for astronomy? I have always been interested in taking this up as a hobby but would not know where to start. Thanks in advance.
  10. Proobedb no luck with this and waddler8 no luck with this either :-(.
  11. Swarfendor, I have tried this but when it restarts it says the uninstall was unsuccessful. I have tried to open internet explorer no ad ons but I'm still getting the not responding message.
  12. Can anyone help me please? My laptop has decided to start playing up. Everytime I click to open internet explorer, I am faced with it freezing and not responding message. I have scanned for malware, nothin found, I am running windows xp and Internet explorer 10. I have tried to do a system restore bit no dates are available before the problem started. Thanks Tom
  13. Hi, I have an 18 week old puppy (lab) and she seems to be having problems still weeing in her cage. Sometimes she is only in her cage for 6 hours and she still wees. I take her out at night just before we go to bed and have even started taking her water up at 6pm to make sure her bladder is empty. I am wondering if dogs can wee in their sleep and if anyone else has had a similar problem? Thanks in advance.
  14. The council never fail to amaze me. Let's do all the footpaths that don't need doing and leave the roads with numerous 2ft deep pot holes dotted about.
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