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  1. Jabu, the hotpot place on London Road, does student discount, but only for Chinese students. Make of that what you will. Demand it if you go in, and tell them you ARE Chinese, and they'll cave. We asked in Mandarin and the waitress was pretty embarrassed about it. Bit racist though, right?
  2. Thanks for this - ELC had run out and weren't sure when they'd be resupplied, but they directed me to Mothercare, who have it in the far corner underground.
  3. Hi, Saw this video and I'd love to have a go. Most of the bubble mix recipes I can find require some proper commercial bubble mix which you're meant to be able to find in most toy shops, apparently, but I haven't found any in Sheffield. Does anybody know where to get this stuff locally?
  4. As far as I remember, one of the motivations for installing poo-bins was that parasites in dog poo could lead fairly directly to blindness if ingested by children (or adults), hence campaigns to keep parks and other grassy areas - where it's harder to see crap, compared to a pavement - clean.
  5. Good tip, though that's the one that someone else picked last year - trying to return the favour and there are tons more people coming than I expected!
  6. I want to organise a big Chinese-style (e.g. showy and delicious) banquet at a local Chinese restaurant. Does anyone know of a place that would offer anything like this around here?
  7. The target determination date was yesterday - has there been any news? Great page about it on the local council website - http://planning.sheffield.gov.uk/publicaccess/tdc/DcApplication/application_detailview.aspx?caseno=KGENFCNYFY000
  8. I've heard of a couple of places - Wilkos near Castle Market, and the Brew Mart that was in Hillsborough and moved over to Woodseats - but one's out of stock with no lead time, and the other closed. Can anyone help out?
  9. If all else fails, there's: http://www.wormsdirectuk.co.uk/default.php?cPath=21_30
  10. Did you get any delivered in the end?
  11. Damn right. The highway code says you should leave as much room when overtaking a bike as when overtaking a car - after all, the roads are generally crap, and cyclists get to see (and feel!) potholes and the like in a lot more detail than motorists. To this end, I always try to stay 1 - 1.5m away from the pavement when cycling on the road, to "discourage" any "breaches of the highway code" (i.e. to force drivers to overtake more appropriately). Don't like it? Get your council to put more cycle lanes in!
  12. Hi, We need ~16kg lime for a plot on our allotment. Where can we get it from?
  13. Which part of the council do I contact to get a cheap composting bin?
  14. Quite a bit of the soil at the Rivelen site is "marled" - there's about 40cm of moderate clay and then orange sand underneath. Apparently it's not an uncommon soil type in this area of the country. If you dig deep enough, you might hit gold(en sand) - worth a try?
  15. Hi, Was Santa kind? We'd love to hire your chainsaw for a weekend - ideally this one! Does anyone know where does chainsaw hire for a less than extortionate fee? Is it something that council grants can subsidise, if it's for clearing allotments of trees?
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