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  1. thanks its still on net that why i thought it was still open
  2. ok thank you its still on web site so dont no
  3. hi as anybody been to just for kids in sheffield its on john street s2 its a soft play area i was hope someone could give me some info as ive tried to phone and the number dont work so if anybod could help that would be great thanks see im a childminder and im working sunday 6.30am -8.30pm and need 2 break the day up for the 2 boys im taking care off. one is 2 the other is 8 thanks
  4. my son had 2 rats last year and which died hes wanting just one rat is it ok 2 have just one rat as he doesnt want 2 rat will that me kk i hope so if so does anybody have a 2 or 3 tia cage thanks
  5. pm me thanks anyone who wants more infor about itReason for Rehome / Sale Time Scale – How Urgent? asap Sale Amount £100 ono Has the Dog been in Rescue no Location sheffield 5 Age & Sex bitch Breed/ Mix not mixed full greman shepard KC Registered no Approximate size medium Exercise Needed yes Neutered & Micro chipped neutered yes Vaccinated & Wormed yes Live in / out both Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals cat Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no Temperament lovely dog Good or Bad with Children good Dislike of Men or Women likes both OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals yes far as i no Travel OK in Car yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time yes Destructive Behaviour no Barks sometimes Pull on the lead sometimes when exited Crate trained Housetrained yes not at nite all the time General Information you can share about the Dog. she is a lovely dog but dont have the time 2 give her the attention she needs we will be sad 2 c her go but its for the best
  6. im thinking of gettig a rescued dog were do i start looking can anybody help we dont want a puppy
  7. y not do it yourself my husband and son did my 2 day and it looks great
  8. there is home bargins on parkway not far and one in hillsborough hope that helps
  9. hi i have a graco as im a childminder it would have 2 be unisex wot u have made is wicked would u consider making me please i would be very gratefully thanks xxxx
  10. hi do u fancy makin me one and i will pay u i no that im been cheeky but worth a try how much did it cost u 2 make it
  11. its all busy my son and husband gone it took 1 hour or more to park
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