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  1. Hi My name is Dez im more than sure we can help with all your cleaning needs with out disappointing you. Call us on 01142728183
  2. Hi We charge £12 per person which includes all chemicals and equipment to do all the cleaning, includes all windows cleaned on the inside and changing the bed covers. Any deep cleaning such as oven n carpets are charged at a different rate Any further info call us 01142753543..
  3. hi If Major cleaning can help with all your cleaning needs. Contact us on 01142753543 for a quote
  4. happy to give you a quote we are major cleaning solutions, A small but professional house clean service .Fully insured.Also full/pt house cleans, End of tenancy cleans & carpet and upholstery & windows 01142753543 and for ironing call TMS ironing services 07855213257
  5. Hi there I have been in touch with you for a few months, would you require any cleaning services? 0114 2728183. Kelly Ps Good Luck !
  6. i live on a corner plot thats probally why i owe all the lefthand side. everyone's must be different, its sooo confusing isnt it.
  7. hi, my friend had a still born baby 18 years ago and the hospital arranged the funeral, her daughter's grave is at a church at darnall (near mc donalds i think).. i do know that a lot of babys are buried at the peter pan gardens in city road cementary or genoside crementorium.
  8. No your not dreaming I saw it too it freaked me out a bit but I didnt see the coffin !! What do they put in the back or who do they put in the back?
  9. I wouldnt stay in Sheffield I think Id go away if I was not working.
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