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  1. ralph You are correct about john hill, his brother is bob and lives in Chapeltown next road to me. Paul Naylor lived at the top of our road, Draper St, worked for the YEB and was electricuted in an accident at the bottom of Hidsworth Road near the ROXY at Page Hall, his younger sister Josaphine worked for the same electrical firm as me on Carver St, G E Taylors. Ed
  2. Hi Harrisons fishmongers was on Adsetts Street, the Hodson Pub was at the top of Draper Street, the Grococks lived at the bottom of Draper St. in the old pub and then moved to the top yard. Ann was the eldest girl but Roger was the oldest lad. I lived in the middle on the right side of the street. Ed59
  3. Well done Cat631, the photos are great, good selection. Ed59
  4. Hi Dave I see the page of our school Photo has been found, i have not seen Brigitta since i left school, glad it has brought back memories to someone, after all that it what this thread is all about. Not seen you lately in the local drinking hole, but i will be at the reunion. Ed59
  5. Hi Our Rod lives near Cristal Peaks Shopping Centre at Beighton, but Paul has now down sized to live at Woodhouse Mill, he still calls to see our Rod & Barbara as they are bests mates. I will be at the reunion next month to see you all. Ed.
  6. Thought you would remember his name as he came from Bland St. area, we the Draper St. boys were playing cricket at the bottom of our street using the telegraph pole as wickets when we heard he had gone through the glass roof on to the ingots in the fettling shop below, we always used the wooden duck boards but he must have slipped. Ed59.
  7. It was the Wellington, top of Cleveland St.with Butlers Chip Shop on the other corner and the Co-op grocers/butchers across the road. The Hodson was at the top of Draper St. and Sockets across the road.
  8. Jack Asher did have a butchers on Carlise road, it was run by my uncle , Frank Skinner, after he left the co-op butchers at the bottom of Moss Street. Ed59
  9. Well done Ralph, great photo`s, excellent quality, goes to show what a good elastic band does, i will have to get one for my camera. Captured a good night out with all enjoying themselves. Ed 59
  10. Hi Terry You are spot on about our local pubs, Keith Hicks lived in the top flat and Cliff Grocock lived in the bottom with his two daughters and son Roger before moving up Draper St. to the top yard. The Yellow tiles must have been stuck on good as we gave them a hammering when we played football and cricket on that corner. See you at the re-union. Ed59
  11. Well did you all enjoy last night at the Ball Inn, certainly had a good chit chat, a few beers and sarneys. Here are just some photos that my wife Joan took of you all having a good evening. 007.jpg[/img]
  12. Hi NETTIEJ My younger brother Rodney married Barbara and Paul is his best mate who lives next door to him near Crystal Peaks. Ed59
  13. Hi Dommi, Alligin, I wiil be going to the re-union on Friday, see you all at the Ball Inn. Cheers Ed59
  14. Hi Cat The team photo is on page 168, number 3359. David is on the left of the teacher and Roy Butler on the right. Ed
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