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  1. Firstly, great thread, lots of good advice. I can't find an answer to the question I have, so here goes. I today got a invoice from Coppen for the ground rent and also an annual insurance charge for this year and for Sep 2018 - 2019 too. We bought the house in September last year and our conveyancer never mentioned anything about insurance charges or notice of cover etc. Just that the ground rent was £6. Our lease is from 1922 and I can't see anything about requiring a certain insurer, although it;s fairly hard to read. Is it likely such a covenant would be in a lease of this age? Is it worth me writing to Coppen and asking where in the lease the covenant is? Is it possible they blanket include the charge with checking the lease? Thanks, Andy
  2. The 'humps' on the Europa Link cycle path will apparently be flattened within the next 3 weeks, with a full resurface happening next year.
  3. Looks good, bit like the 4X track I used to ride at Aston Hill. Prefer more natural type downy stuff ala Wharncliffe, but this looks like it'll be good fun and a nice addition to the riding we already have in the area.
  4. Those letting agent awards are comical. All you have to do is fill in an on-line form, pay your £250+VAT per category (surprised no admin charge, reference check charge etc too) respond to a questionnaire, take a phone call from a 'judge' and then hope you are the only entry in a category in your region and voilà. They don't actually visit companies in person or speak to tenants or landlords. They should be called the Hot Air Awards. Priceless.
  5. I'll have to ask my work colleague about those steps. I'm surprised he hasn't mentioned them as he is an avid mountain biker and he's lived in Dore for many years and is actively involved in the community, so I'm certain you'll know him and his family.
  6. They have the same address as Blundells in a small business centre off Tenter street. The domain is registered to a residential address under a different name as the primary contact and they aren't registered with Companies House either, well not under that name anyhow - for a company that is allegedly a 'phenomenal success story' it all sounds fishy to me, surely former five-o wouldn't bend the truth like that? How much did you research them before handing the keys over?!
  7. I've just let my flat as I recently moved in with in with the girlfriend and just did it direct in the end. It seemed most were charging ~15% pcm for fully managed with a one off fee of £200 or self managed they wanted £500+vat for finding tenants. I just found tenants myself, checked references myself and downloaded an AST agreement from the Landlords Association and used the DPS for the deposit stuff. It's all been fine so far, I've had to run a couple of errands myself, sorting a few bits and pieces out for them and arrange for a failed appliance to be replaced, but not much bother and I've saved loads. Most of them charge on top for any callouts too. With agents they were going to charge 650 and I'd net about 560. I advertised it for less than the 'market rate' and ended letting it really quickly for 585, so both tenants and I saved money. Worth thinking about...
  8. I think someone already mentioned they thought it was Kabal (in post 2) but on their facebook page they said they got shut down early on, so not sure it was them. Given the five-o station is nearby in Attercliffe I can't see it being there
  9. I've always thought that they must now be optional extras on the premium German brands, I assumed their drivers can't afford to have them after they have paid for the car and then realised they had to also shell out for a steering wheel, seats etc.
  10. I live on Millsands and I'm 100% there isn't a camera on it, not that I have ever driven through it of course...
  11. Think so there were nine of em. They flew right over the flats I live in the centre, dam loud!
  12. I'm with the blue half of the city, but I'll be with at least one red. After reading the other thread we may head up to Broomhill and watch it there
  13. Thanks mate I did a search before posting but couldn't find anything, scotch mist eh.
  14. Anyone know if any pf the usual pubs in town will be showing the match? I usually go to one of The Old Monk, Walkabout or The Common Room Anyone know if all or any are showing it?
  15. Try here, ask for Josh they are up the road in Doncaster though. http://www.cliospares.co.uk I know Josh through an owners club and he sorted me some bits out before they started the business, top lad.
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