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  1. The consultation is a sham....as are all consultations in my experience. The fact is in 2017 the Govt gave the Combined Authority Leaders the green light to explore other models of service delivery including Public Ownership/Franchise models, Dan Jarvis on being elected set a 6 year period for this to be formally examined...nothing has been done and we're in 2022 now ( I accept Covid arguments to a degree) . If you read the consultation documents they state that they intend to implement this after consultation... what should happen is that both models should be examined and the public consulted to decide which they prefer, but as it is this is not going to happen. The Combined Authority Leaders had a meeting scheduled for the 24th of Jan to decide on triggering the legal application to examine the Public Ownership/Franchise model, this has now been postponed, without having the dates in front of me my guess is that they will adopt the 'enhanced' partnership model and let Public Ownership/Franchise die without ever having been examined and offered to the public. The Consultation ( which is not that easy to access btw) asks questions that most people would support, ie would you support free travel for under 18's ( I'm paraphrasing), most people would answer 'Yes' ...the problem is your well meaning yes is then used as a ringing endorsement of the enhanced partnership...it doesn't address the fact that the same benefit could be included in a Franchise model.
  2. Ruddles hasn't been brewed in Rutland for many years. It ceased to be an independent company in the mid 1980's and the brewery closed in the 90's, for the past 20 years or so beers of the same name but tasting nothing like have been brewed by Greene King in Bury St Edmonds.
  3. I'd try and talk to people who've got them before you jump, a friend of mine has one and it seems to me you need industrial amounts of wood to get through a winter, half his yard is taken up with logs under plastic sheeting to keep it dry.
  4. Too much common sense there Longcol...there'll be a conspiracy theorist on soon to debunk it I'm sure.
  5. Hardly rocketing...29p extra duty on a 13% bottle of wine...49p on a 14%.
  6. They came from The British Newspaper Archive https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/ You can access it directly or as an add on from Findmypast I find it absolutely brilliant, there is no guarantee your relatives will get a mention, but often when they do it will provide info you'll find nowhere else. It can be a little quirky sometimes, play about with spellings and terms used and you can often find things that don't come up immediately...you can search by newspaper/s and time periods and new publications are being added all the time.
  7. Not everyone in the industry agrees with him though... Barry Young, Managing Director, Brixham Trawler Agents said: “2021 saw a record year for the world famous Brixham Fish Market. Despite the pandemic and rumours around the impact of Brexit we have seen both our sales to domestic markets and exports to the EU increase nicely. With over £43.5m worth of sales taking place in 2021, we are expecting 2022 to be an even bigger year. The combination of life outside of the EU and the pandemic has ensured that we have diversified our markets and looked to new opportunities. From increasing our domestic market sales to being well prepared for any bureaucratic changes, Brixham Fish market has shown that there is a positive story to tell and it is well reflected in these record sales numbers. We are looking to see Brixham build upon this success and with some extra investment from the Fisheries and Seafood Scheme and Levelling Up Fund, we can continue to support this noble industry and this historic coastal community.”
  8. You're wasting your time Sibon.
  9. These are not hearsay stats...25 hospitalised out of 30,000 unvaccinated 25 hospitalised out of 270,000 vaccinated I didn't mention the seriously ill, out of those in hospital 15 were in ICU, 12 unvaccinated, 3 vaccinated. Before the vaccine programme really kicked in we had around people 800 lose their lives, since it has taken effect it is less than the fingers on one hand.
  10. Sorry Delbow...I realised after I'd posted !!
  11. No I haven't and it's not misleading at all...whether 32x is exactly correct I don't know, it may be that at the time they looked at the figures it was correct, but whatever the number of times exactly is, it's massively beneficial to have the vaccine. I'm party to the actual facts from a South Yorkshire Borough through my day job, these are round figures but anyone can do the maths. In our November meeting with The Director of Public Health... We have a Borough of around 300k, 90% of that 300k are vaccinated to one degree or another. We had 50 people in hospital with Covid Half those people had been vaccinated, half had not. The vaccine gives massive protection. No it doesn't...read the whole article and you will see the vaccines gives you huge protection,,,to suggest otherwise like fools appears to be doing is incorrect.
  12. This is the explanation...from the same article. If you compare the number of deaths in vaccinated and unvaccinated people per 100,000, the rate of death is much higher in unvaccinated people. A recent report for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that, between 2 January and 24 September 2021, the age-adjusted risk of deaths involving Covid-19 was 32 times greater in unvaccinated people than in fully vaccinated people
  13. You're wasting your time Longcol.
  14. You're wasting your time...some of the people in this thread will believe the earth is flat if they read it on the internet.
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