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  1. Seem to be going during WW1, in 1926 they were based at Queens Road. Between 1881 and 1911 there is a Thomas Wales, Joinery tools manufacturer at 4 Talbot Crescent....with sons John and Albert Wales having the same trade.
  2. Rules are rules as you say....it obviously hasn't sunk in in Germany though. "Numbers provided to German newspaper Handelsblatt by the country’s economics ministry show the country’s government is subject to 74 infringement proceedings by the European Commission for failing to implement EU regulations properly in German law. German Green party politician Markus Tressel told the newspaper Germany was now “bottom of the class” for following EU rules and far from the “model pupil” it was sometimes portrayed as. The infringements against Germany, which can be started for delayed implementation or inadequate conversion into national laws, relate to policy areas like air pollution, water quality and fire protection. The new statistics echo the latest available EU-wide figures on enforcement actions from the end of 2016, provided by the European Commission, which found Germany joint top with Spain. Those countries were followed closely by Belgium, Greece, Portugal and France – all longstanding fans of the European project." https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/angela-merkel-germany-breaks-more-eu-rules-worst-bottom-class-a8198271.html
  3. Thanks....this should be interesting. It appears to have been syndicated in the US papers, unfortunately I don't have the international subscription to view them.
  4. Hillsbro....could I ask what you are using to post the pics?.... as my photobucket account doesn't seem to work anymore, and I've turned up a good piece I'd like to post.
  5. The beet sugar situation is a farce, France is the largest producer of SB, and traditionally the price has been kept high....this has been whittled away over recent years so is not as attractive as a crop as it once once. Environmentally it is one of the worst crops there is for soil damage, It would be better for us to shut beet down and shift to less damaging crops.
  6. Aaron Lapatnick appears to have been a good student, he was awarded a grant for school tuition at The Sheffield Central School in September 1908, his previous school was the Bow St, Mixed School.
  7. If referenda are such a poor tool why do other European countries have them for joining the EU or ratifying treaties?...whilst I agree about cheating and lying both sides were guilty, as to Aaron Banks the police found no case to answer. Remainers...The Lib Dems and the 'Better Together campaign were both fined for electoral irregularities.
  8. Financial Services are under no serious threat, Indy and Guardian were predicting 100-200,000 job losses in London, in actual fact around 6000 have moved, many of those German ex-pats returning home according to Der Spiegel, those jobs in the UK have already been replaced, London employing more now than in 2016. https://www.cityam.com/london-retains-finance-jobs-as-brexit-fails-to-deliver-blow-to-the-city/
  9. The Irish fishermen are saying they've been sold out. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/irish-fishing-communities-will-be-disappointed-by-brexit-deal-taoiseach-says-1.4445321
  10. If they do it's good....but the fact remains that it's a mature market, if Carrefour buy them from another source the original suppliers produce goes unsold, where do they sell them? Absolutement.
  11. I doubt much is from Ireland, they only produce 19,000 tons a year for the whole of the world's market. Scotland sells more than that to the USA.
  12. Of course it is....it's not like the old Castle Market where stuff is bought and sold on the spot, it's bought by forward contract years in advance.
  13. I quite agree, but the point I was making was that to break into markets in a big way takes years to achieve...in the case of Morocco they are set potentially to gain significantly and quickly if European exporters default. Tesco ( I don't know about others) have been increasing buying for some time and Morocco's exports to the UK have doubled in the last 4/5 years. Hardly surprising if Dover is the logjam....but remember the stuff that is in there is the stuff from existing suppliers sold on forward contracts, new suppliers trying to break into it will not find it easy....if they do manage to get in where do the existing suppliers sell their produce?
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