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  1. Do you have any idea when this might have been going? Shooting Saloons, or Gallery's were quite common at one time, mainly travelling fairground types, but some were undoubtedly fixed. I've found a few in Sheffield mainly pre 1920...30 The Moor, one near Heeley Station, one on West Bar, and one on the Wicker in 1914 at No 93, known as Life Targets, where you could shoot at moving cinema targets of German soldiers...it seems to have been very popular, apparently they opened a large smoking room kitted out with fitments from a local cinema...it appears to have been going great guns (if you'll pardon the pun) in late 1915 but I can find no record after that.
  2. You'll be struggling for anyone living to be honest, but sometimes it's possible to find descendants of siblings or wider family, and you never know what they might know. I've had a quick look but can't find a Jesse Frederick in Sheffield at any time, there are a few Esther Russell's though. If you can give any more clues, ie birth death or marriage info I'll have another look......Ignore the last bit...I've just found them on the '39 Register living at 55 Southey Place...I'll dig a little more asap. Having dug a little more Jesse married Esther Howe in 1911...his address was given as 32 Cyclops St. As for pics...search this forum and there are a couple of old threads linking to Picture Sheffield...I can't help on identifying them as I'm not from round there...but I'm sure some on here can help.
  3. Hi Allan...I used to be a regular at the Saturday morning matinees at the Essoldo at Sheffield Lane Top ( which sparked my interest in your post)... through work I have been ( slightly)involved with Gleeson's, but tbh the organisation has changed so much I doubt there will be any joy there. I have though had a decent amount of success in finding relatives through not only my own family history, but in tracing relatives of others and repatriating lost WW1 medals. I can't promise anything, but if you drop me a line to andypickering50@hotmail.com I'll have a poke about...you never know. Andy
  4. Thanks to you all for your help, the one near Damflask and the Plough is definitely the one I remember, but the 610 Loxley Rd address is indeed the one on the pic!! Thanks again
  5. Hi Bazza...is that the one in the photo, or the one near Dam Flask? cheers
  6. https://www.flickr.com/gp/163026710@N02/7ac866 Hopefully this one might work
  7. Thanks for that.....try Loxley1022 Thanks Edit ignore that...doesn't work sorry.
  8. Hi...just wondering if anyone knows if the Loxley and Bradfield Police houses are still up? https://www.flickr.com/photos/163026710@N02/46589932665/in/album-72157704341483782/ Sorry I can't work out to post as a pic...so just the link. The pics attached show my family with their Australian cousins outside Loxley ( I think) in 1953, my Uncle Eric Pickering was the village Bobby there....he later (1957 ish) moved up to the Bradfield one...I can see it in my minds eye but cant remember where exactly it was. Any help would be appreciated as the Grandson of the Aussie clan is coming over here and it would be nice to recreate the photo with the current generations.
  9. The Joseph you have picked out is the son of the William b 1817, having looked at the trees of descendants on both sides they all originate in villages around the Sutton on Trent area, the genealogy gets a little thin before 1800, as I said before I think they are related but it dates back to the 18th C....only the DNA could prove it for certain.
  10. Having had a few minutes to check the genealogy, I'm reasonably certain they are related, the fact that the name is slightly different is irrelevant, names changed over the years almost accidentally...most people were illiterate and would just say their name to the curate or vicar and he would spell it as he thought fit. I have traced 'our' Pierrepont back to William Pierrepont born 1817 and a small area in Nottinghamshire, on checking Albert Pierrepoint descendant's trees...they are throwing up the same area, but dont have William in the tree...I think it is almost proven that they were related, but that the actual shared Grandparent is back in the 18th century, possibly not within a 100 years of either Albert or William's birth.
  11. If you can tell me everything you know about him I can have a look to see if his service record has survived ( 60% were lost during WW2 bombing). Name, rank, regiment and service number are around the edge of his medals, if you have them.
  12. His name was William Pierrepont born 1881 in Dewsbury, his wife was Amelia b 1882 in Warrington. They had a son William Henry b 1906, Darnall and a daughter Amelia b 1908 Attercliffe. William Henry married Amy Hilda Bashforth in 1931. Arnold Bashforth married Amelia Pierrepont also in 1931 ....double wedding? On the 1939 Register they appear to be living together with his parents at 264 Darnall Road. William Pierrepont died in 1970, Amelia in 1963. William Henry Pierrepont died in 1979, Amy Hilda in 1992. Amelia Bashforth died in 1986...Arnold in 1972. Hope this helps...if not let me know and I'll delve a bit further.
  13. It wasn't actually Ridgeway Road, but on Hollinsend Road down towards the Noah's Ark at Intake, I only went in once but I'm 99% sure it was a Bass/Stones pub. The only Mansfield built house I can remember was the new build pub, The Fairway just off Birley Moor Lane....there may have been another but tbh they were building restaurants not pubs at that time.
  14. They are now recognising that the current Phase 2b plan fails in almost all its objectives in relation to the supposed Northern Powerhouse...never mind it's failure in South Yorkshire terms. Over the last few weeks Hs2's demolition figures have been exposed as nothing more than a fantasy case made to Grayling to justify the route ...which is now proving embarrassing...Mexborough demolitions are now 4 times as high as quoted to Parliament...and the loss of the Hilton Hotel and Asda's national hq in Leeds cannot be glossed over. Caroline Flint has been the first MP to nail it publicly...a version of Hs3 designed by TFN to connect the North together is what is needed.
  15. I've got a screenshot of the 1950 article mentioned above and also a brief report of his marriage to Doreen Parson in 1947, if they're of interest please let me know.
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