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  1. Your first sentence is right on the mark.
  2. It makes no difference to the final decision, that is if the dominant party has an interest in the decision, Councillors representing national parties vote the way they are told under threat of deselection or removal from Cttees. The best outcome is for a council to be in no overall control with a significant number of independents to tip the balance, making decisions based on the issue rather than party affiliation.
  3. I spoke to the Director of Public Health for a major Metropolitan Borough a few weeks ago, he told me that they had vaccinated around 160,000 people so far on an 80/20 AZ/Pfizer split, and that not one of the group had been hospitalised with either Covid or side effects.
  4. Hi Pat, I don't know the person you're looking for but I have a few ideas of how to progress it if you want to send me a PM.
  5. You may find this interesting if you've not seen it before.
  6. Just as an aside to the good work of Annie Bynol, if you intend to follow the Tom Batty line, he was born at Walton on Thames. If it's not yours....there's a tree on Ancestry that may fill a few gaps, with a photo of Tom Batty in later life. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/person/tree/153606180/person/382255430538/facts
  7. As ECCOnoob says above.....rank bad management, the moment they discounted into supermarkets the shops were doomed.
  8. I can have a look in the online British Newspaper Archive, but I'd need some names to search.
  9. Apparently Joyce was an admirer of the Soviet Union after embarking on one of the tours provided by Stalin to certain westerners in the early 1930's. She wrote about her experiences in the press which were contested....this letter was published in 1934.
  10. A report from The Aberdeen Express.
  11. Are you looking at the 1861 census for Hezekiah Kelsey?...if so and you are looking at the box at the side of 'Kelseys Houses, Wentworth Street' I think it is a number 1, denoting 1 inhabited house. If it said 1b it would indicate 1 house being built....if I remember rightly. Just to add to that Edwin Kelsey had a son called Ellis, you won't find the boy on the census as he died in 1879 at the age of 1yr 5 months.
  12. The chances of that being caught must be similar odds to winning the lottery!!
  13. Not really concerning the City if you read the whole article "But many believe that the lack of an equivalence deal could in fact help the City appeal to more global destinations, including Hong Kong and Singapore. Barclays boss Jes Staley last week said that a more global outlook would do the City well. Rosenblatt Securities market structure analyst Anish Puaar told the FT: “It’s symbolic in that London has lost its status as the home of EU share trading, but it has a chance to carve out its own niche on trading. “Fund managers will be more concerned with availability of liquidity and the costs of placing a trade, rather than whether an order is executed in London or Amsterdam.”
  14. Cant help on the query, but you may be interested in this from 1901. Just had a quick delve.. William Anson was born in Blythe, Notts in 1833...in 1871 a hairdresser by profession living at No 4 Stanley Street...by 1881 he was still on Stanley Street but now listed as an Umbrella maker. He took a lease on premises in 1883 at 21 The Wicker and was still at that address in the 1930's.
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