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  1. Whilst I understand your reasoning, I would just point out that it's rare for Council Officers to have ever run a business.
  2. We kept the Shell Installation Filling Station in Ecclesfield in the mid 1960's, it was at the side of Eric Stead's car dealership, it's all one site now but it was separate in those days. The pumps didn't havè money digits on them, just a clock face design with only gallons and incrementals ( although I can't remember how it was sub divided )...no self service of course and the pump attendant worked out the price for the amount you drew. We often had a crib sheet with the amounts on in a pocket. We moved to a station in Barnsley which had the same pumps, they were swapped out in the early 70's for mechanical reels rather like the old one armed bandit reels..but still only fuel quantity shown. We packed up in the late 70's and I don't remember our pumps ever showing the monetary value. The half penny price would be displayed on the pricing cabinets attached to the station main sign. It was quite ridiculous but if you were a ha'penny a gallon cheaper people would come from all over, if you were ha'penny dearer you'd only get your staunch regulars.
  3. My guess Leanne is that the actual newspaper report is true and that the story of throwing an intruder through the window is probably one of those family embellishments that take on a life of their own. I'm pretty sure a well known pub landlord being involved in such an incident would have also made the newspapers.
  4. In 1913 it was reported in the press that John Nolan of the Golden Ball Inn fell from an upstairs bedroom window and landed in the street below. He was taken to hospital, but was not too badly hurt. In October of the same year he left the pub, the license being transferred to William Joseph Shaw. I wonder if the incident is actually one and the same.
  5. Mid to late 60's, my dad was in the motor trade, around 1972 he took in a Toyota Corolla as a part ex, going from memory it was a 1968 with over 200,000 miles on the clock, the body was rough but we marvelled at how mechanically perfect it still was. Having had a look at the old newspaper archives it seems Toyota first exhibited and offered concessionary deals at the 1965 Earls Court Motor Show. Datsuns were being offered for sale quite widely by 1968.
  6. There is a picture of him on muchloved.com .
  7. It was being widely reported last year...the Indy are just reviving it.
  8. That's not the situation at all, the death and hospitalisation figures in my Borough were terrifying, only the good start prevented them from being unmanageable. In the most serious of the early months we had over 800 dead, my own small area had 23 dead in two weeks,....by mid to late summer ( I don't have the exact figures to hand). we were down to no deaths for three months in a row, and a relative handful of people hospitalised, virtually all the serious cases were unvaccinated people. It allowed us to open up the infirmary to take cases and save lives from other areas. The reopening of the schools coupled with the new variants provided a challenge, but even since then , although infections went up hugely, hospitalisations were eminently manageable, deaths have remained very low indeed, less than 10 people per month over a large Borough. I can assure you none of us involved in the process think those months were either temporary or pointless, in fact the head start was crucial, whatever the cost in money , it was very well spent.
  9. I've been involved in the process in my day job, and party to the actual figures... we weren't quickly overtaken at all, UK had double vaccinated a higher percentage of its population than virtually any other European country. Where we did 'fall behind' was due to having a larger number of people who refused any vaccination at all, the vaccine supply and delivery infrastructure is second to none, but the simple fact is that you cannot force people to get vaccinated.
  10. to save forumites from duplicating work, some of this has been covered before.
  11. Alfred served in WW1, serving in France (briefly) and Egypt with the Army Service Corps. somewhere in the family should be his three medals. His brother George was killed on 1st January 1915 when his ship HMS Formidable was torpedoed and sunk by a U Boat in the Channel. They had Alfred b1912 Lilian M b1914 George W b1916...d1967 David b1924... d1945 Lilian M m Harold Ives in 1933 In 1939 Harold was a Pitman, they lived at Court, 1/4 House Short Street, Sheffield.
  12. Hi Angela, you're in luck...a tree on Ancestry has him on. He did serve in the Navy as you thought...you can download his service record from the MOD for more info. He (as James Pycock) married Margaret Burns in Cowdenbeath on the 25th Oct, 1940. at thr RC Church, Stenhouse St. They have 5 children, you would need to use the Scotland's People genealogy site to find the names. Margaret died in 1984. He died in 1971 and is buried in Beath New Cemetery. The tree shows all 5 children as still living and there are quite a few Grand and Great Grandchildren to find. It appears the lady who owns the tree does not know the Cutts connection so it might be useful to contact her.
  13. Just checked it....down for me too.
  14. Agreed ...just for the year of the referendum, although genuinely I have no idea why that should have been.
  15. The UK has never been a net beneficiary from the EU, it has been a net contributor from moment one .
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