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  1. Hi. Does anyone know how to market a house without going through estate agents and paying extortionate fees? Any advice or tips greatly appreciated.
  2. BE AWARE:- yesterday evening at around 18:35pm, a silver Vauxhall Astra, registration <removed>, stopped outside my property in S6. The passenger side window came partially down and the woman can be seen taking her phone out and taking photos /video of my dog. On going outside the driver and woman, both Asian, immediately drove off. Please circulate this video to see if we can find out who these people are and their intentions. I have uploaded the video to see what people think of the persons actions in the car. Do you think it is suspicious? I have informed the police and they told me that they would act when a criminal act has taken place i.e. After the horse has bolted / my dog has been taken. Please help find them.
  3. My previous tennant had disconnected the alarm and not told me and this is now why I'm having trouble with it. I changed the code to something memorable to me as I have now moved into the property. Any help on who would help?
  4. Hi no it didn't work before. I'm really at a loss. Surely it's something simple I am missing?
  5. Hi. No it still keeps flashing even when I have followed your instructions from your last post. Thanks.
  6. Hi yes it does flash and when I enter the code nothing happens and the Unser light just continuously flashes. Thanks.
  7. The code via the user menu I believe. I got the instructions from a manual online but still stuck as it won't set. Any advice? Thanks
  8. I have been able to reset a new code for The alarm but now it wont activate and I think that the zones need to be defined first and unsure how to do this
  9. I'm wanting to set my alarm but having problems. Can anyone help with how to set zones on My veritas alarm please? Thanks.
  10. Thanks buddy. I will message her now. Thanks again
  11. Hi. I am in the process of purchasing a bull mastiff puppy. I am wanting some advice on how to look after them as I have only been used to looking after such dogs as Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and for any other advice you could possibly provide please. Many thanks.
  12. I'm wanting number suggestions for tonight's lottery please. 2 and 3 number selections please. Thanks
  13. Can anyone recommend paint stripper for removing paint from stairs as wanting to treat and wax it as wanting wooden staircase?
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