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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy polarizing film in Sheffield? What I'm looking for is a A4 size sheet preferably with self adhesive, I' looking to reverse the LCD display on a digital watches Thanks
  2. I'm currently thinking of getting contact lenses, does anyone know the best place to buy them in sheffield/online? i was thinking of specsavers or vision express, does anyone have experience of them? I'm mainly looking for ease or collection/delivery and preferably monthly direct debit as I dont want to pay £100 for 6 months worth to find I rarely wear them, but do vision express do a monthly plan?
  3. Does anyone know what's appening with the indigo car showroom at the bottom of granville road? I heard a rumor about turning it into a gym
  4. I just buy the odd bar when required from holland and barrett, cnp brand do the trick if your in need,they're about £1.15, but if you buy when they have a buy one get one half price thing on you basically get them for 86p each, probably cheaper than most bulk buys anyway or see http://www.dolphinfitness.co.uk/en/cnp-pro-flapjack-bars/2225 I wouldn't rely on these though,remember they're a supplement to good diet not a substitute
  5. try using sites like http://www.musclechat.co.uk/ and http://forum.bodybuilding.com/ you'll get more info than on here. I've personally never used any mass gainers as I'm not aiming to get that huge I tend to stick to a low carb high protein diet and find most mass gainers are packed with too many carbs
  6. Pretty sure Pinders on Moore Street (just off Fitzwilliam St) can do that for you
  7. I'm organising a stag do later this year and wondered if there are any clay pigeon shooting or similar places in or around sheffield?
  8. can anyone recommend a chinese takeaway on chesterfield road or norton area?
  9. I currently use a bt voyger modem but I'm getting tired of all the wires running eveywhere,I was wondering if I bought a wireless router eg. Belkin, would this replace my current modem? Any advice welcome I don't really have a clue how these things work
  10. CEX sell them for about £200+ for a 1st gen, £250+ for 3g, £350+ for 3gs i think anyway obviously depends on network, memory, condition etc
  11. toolshed do sell them i think they're £14, but i'd try ebay or gooutdoors if i were you, much cheaper. I have a mini maglite I bought off ebay brand new for £5, in gooutdoors they're about £10, does the job fine
  12. check youtube out, there'll be loads of 'how to' videos, but from personal experience, the 5800 is never going to match the iphone. i went from a first gen iphone to a 5800 and back to a 3gs as i couldn't bear the nokia
  13. has anyone used the gym at Graves? I'm looking for a new gym and would like to know what kind of equipment they have, I mainly need free weights, dumbells, barbells, benches, maybe a cable cross machine and pull up/dips bars. Can anyone tell me if Graves would be anygood for me?
  14. Anybody know a garage that would adjust headlight alignment on my car? Currently it will probably fail the mot
  15. I agree that woody's on ecci road does awesome bacon sarnie's, its all about the bread, in city centre, try qc's bagel bar on the lane in between all bar one and orchard square
  16. The gstar shop on division street, opposite forum, will be available to rent soon, I saw that its moving further down the road, dont know if that would be suitable but its worth a try
  17. I've been thinking of studying an a level or equivalent either at college or home, is there anywhere I could check out? I'm 24 and in full time work so would need to work round that
  18. is there anywhere in sheffield that run weekly basketball coaching? Ideally I'd hope to train and maybe get involved in some friendly/competitive games
  19. Can anyone recommend a decent garage that are honest and cheapish? I have a knocking sound coming from my wheel, could be cv joint i'm guessing but need it looked at asap. Thanks
  20. I was just there last week, is the gym definitely closing? When? I really would be sad to see it go everyone there, especially glyn, are top!
  21. while I was at college about 5 years ago I used to go to castle college gym. I was wondering if anyone knows if it's still open?
  22. Do you know where it happened? I've heard a few stories about Asian youths hanging around near the jennel that runs under the railway lines. Appareantly they have a habit of using extendable batons! They need teaching a lesson!
  23. i think small businesses are pretty much exempt of any sunday trading regulations
  24. most are I reckon! i noticed a load open xmas day so i bet they're open easter too
  25. Green Room, near forum do them, They're getting more popular, I remember seeing them elsewhere
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