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  1. You should have eaten your greens then, because he turned out twice as big as you!
  2. Don't forget the chapter which discusses the mental stability of those who simply HAVE to get their point across, regardless of rationality, bandwidth or general boredom of those around them
  3. Amen to that. Obsession can be a dangerous thing
  4. It seems to me that what he's trying to be (and largely succeeding) is a media star. All the celebs love him and he's always on TV,
  5. You have way too much time on your hands Frank. I can almost hear your blood pressure rising as this thread drags its weary arse across cyber-space. Once more with feeling: no, I've never let my kids urinate in the street.
  6. It's not really a question, is it? You're simply trying to browbeat me into a Catch 22 situation to get the result you want. You've really taken this to heart haven't you Frank? If you can't look after your kids properly, that's your problem. Don't try and blame others for your pikey behavior. By the way, I don't own a dog.
  7. Are you a headmaster by trade Frank? You certainly sound like one
  8. Ah, yes, the Paxman reference would have been much funnier, damn! It feels like I've answered your question a dozen times already, but at the risk of boring everyone senseless here it is again. I don't accept that your two choices are the only options. If any of my kids (potty trained or not) could not hold their wee long enough to find a toilet. I'd make sure they wore a nappy when leaving the house until such times as they could. In fact, looking back 20 odd years through the mists of time, I think that's exactly what happened. So the need to urinate in public never arose in my kids' case. As the earlier poster said, we're never going to agree on this. So let's agree to differ.
  9. Frank's still at it. Does Perry Mason with a stutter ring any bells?
  10. Well said. I was prepared to agree to differ, but others were like a dog with a frigging bone. Talk about pushing the point!
  11. 3) If they're not fully toilet trained, a nappy should be worn when not close to a toilet
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