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  1. I went to the music-hall just the once, there was a well known comedian of his day, he used to stand with his mouth open looking gormless. He was a tall thin man, only guessing was he Len Bone, the equally well known Birmingham lady comedian sometimes worked with him - forgot her name as well put it down to old age.
  2. You have just brought a name back in my memory Miss Deacon, I was in her class. She used to have a group of us playing Post Office to get used to using money and counting /subtraction - I think she was a good teacher
  3. Music hall as well, situated just below Banner's store. Banners very much like tv sit com , Are You Being Saved; remember buying a Teddy Boy jacket from the store.
  4. I think the headteacher was a Mrs Carr when I was there. Yes, I do remember Miss Renshaw, she caned me twice , still feel it now.
  5. Can anyone name the teachers at Carbrook County school Attercliffe Common / Terry Street circa 1953. I will start the ball rolling Mrs Featherstone.
  6. Toney Dalli appeared at Moulders WMC once. ---------- Post added 18-03-2013 at 19:11 ---------- well done young man :-)
  7. What part of Attercliffe Common was the shop ?
  8. Anyone memories of the schools, pubs and steelworks in Attercliffe in between these dates 1953 -60s Perhaps a few Coleridge Road pupils out their . Can anyone name a few shops between Broughton Lane and Banners near Staniforth Road. Anyone remember the well known characters of the time. In fact any memories covering this period would be nice to hear
  9. You need to check your spelling before other peoples. How long as pall been spealt that way pal.
  10. You can keep your chavs matey as they do not fit into S10 old boy. Chav's are happy drawing benefits and living on their council estates that us S10 people pay for. Baseball caps and innit ; plus lots of cheap lager and cider keeps your average chav and 'his lady' happy guv. Not that I have anything about chaves but would not like to see them in our parks in the better class of peoples area.
  11. I had the same experience until a few years ago, now plenty of good East Europian labour to pick from, people who are prepared to earn their wage. Thank you Labour Party.
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