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  1. Stopped posting on here after the slagging off got personal which was not banter so I thought what's the point??
  2. Just got back from watching the Sheffield Half Marathon. The start was a bit of a shambles, firstly the start was delayed by half an hour which stretched out for a further 20 mins and then the announcer said it was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances relating to safety reasons. The event had to be cancelled, "sorry everyone" Even the Police looked confused, at this point some of the runners at the front of the start, shouted come on and urged everyone to start. Leaving the safety car behind and the Police outriders....Power to the people or what? All the runners flooded through the start, I didn't see any Police trying to stop any runners. On the way back through the Don Vally Bowl those people employed by the organisers where as confused as everyone else until they were told that the run was going ahead as they couldn't stop the runners. We got the tram and picked up the runners in town, from what we could see there was very few incidents the Police, Medics and Marshalls had to deal with if any. However, questions need to be asked as this (reported by the BBC) apparently is a "private event"? Who is Margaret Lilly and who does she represent? The BBC reported that it was "her event"? We returned to the Don Valley Bowl and just about all of the competitors were finishing we didn't see anyone who decided to not to run because it had been cancelled. Are they going to rearrange the competitive run? Will those who didn't run get their money back? You would have thought that top of the organisers' check list would have been the water? To have been delivered at least a good 48 hours before if not the week before?
  3. This is true the deal is all but signed.
  4. Just listening to McCabe on RS: What ever happened to Jacob Esan of Nigeria? McCabe also said that investment would follow worth millions?
  5. JM Motors on Tyler Street good bloke is John, runs the business with his wife.
  6. He has said lots of "c**p" about his agent however he didn't deny anything here's his Twiter: https://twitter.com/billysharp10 "Hearing lots of rumours on here about me,like I've said before 2 years left on Southampton contract an I will continue to fight for my place" "And if another club comes in for me in the meantime I will assess the situation.like I've said before hear it from the horses mouth" "And lots of crap today regarding my agent,for the record my agent is Paul masterton @marzey29 first eleven"
  7. A slim chance but doubtful: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/330688/Celtic-target-Billy-Sharp-will-look-to-leave-Southampton-says-striker-s-agent Never the less just looked on odds checker and the Owls are 6/4 (sky bet and bet victor) to sign him before 3rd September?
  8. Here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BgA1SgKEcSU Well done to the people of Nottingham:thumbsup:
  9. Its all a bit of a gamble why have we signed a player with no higher level experience? Looking at his stats 26 goals in 153 appearance none for Spurs when he was with them they let him go to Burton on a free, I hope we've not paid owt for him.....could be another load of s***e?
  10. Seeing as the Blades have signed Jasper Johns we should sign Robert Rauschenberg.
  11. United won 1-0 scored by the great Fred Tunstall http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/sheffield-united-and-england-winger-fred-tunstall-news-photo/3399011 In fornt of a 91,763 crowd
  12. Some great shots on this web site: http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/epw012731?search=sheffield&ref=29
  13. Some interesting comments from earlier, I wonder what people are thinking now?
  14. :hihi:Talk about light the blue touch paper with this one?
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