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  1. Hi if its the Dan I used recently he is listed in the Business Directory on here as man and van 24/7. He was from Southey.
  2. Had mine valued at Morris Bywaters on Pinstone Street.
  3. Hi S4 covers a large area. Grimesthorpe, Pagehall between Northern General and Meadowhall. I used to live in S4 in the late 90s. My husband was born there. Like most places in Sheffield it has its good and bad bits. Never did us any harm.
  4. This one is fantastic. My daughter has been going there for about three years. She used to go to the one at Greenhill they do a young group and then an older one up to about 12. My daughter now goes to their youth theatre up at Nethergreen School. She has been in a couple of their yearly productions and always enjoys them. They also do a kind of parents evening and invite you to get involved so that you can see what kind of work they do. Her confidence is much higher now and she has made a lot of friends both at Greenhill and Fulwood. Nick the drama teacher is fantastic with the children. The fees are worked out on a term basis and the classes run in term time.
  5. Diana Luke is still around on Radio Sheffield I think. Scottie McClue mad me laff.
  6. Many thanks will give them a try. Have cut him a pair of joggers down to shorts today but will try and get him some shorts tomorrow. Cheers guys
  7. Need to buy some shorts for my father tomorrow he is in hospital and has very poorly legs and can only wear shorts at the moment. Does anyone know anywhere that might be open that does size 3XL.
  8. Doesn't sound too clever if your losing sensation would get it checked out. I'll send over a virtual cuppa while you call the dr. Hope it feels better soon x
  9. My son chews his tongue when he is concentrating and when he is tired. The thing drives our family mad as he makes a really loud noise and has no idea he is doing it. It sounds like he is chewing a huge piece of plastic. Anyone any experience with this kind of thing and any ideas on how to help him to stop. I know it doesn't sound like much but it is a real pain. Ta x
  10. Hi need someone asap to brick up a window sized gap. Anyone know of any good brickies let me know on pm. Many thanks Cluffy
  11. There are two shops called Buttilicious around Gleadless one on Whites Lane and one on Blackstock Road which one did you go in?
  12. If its the new crossings at the bottom of Spital Hill they are Puffin crossings and do not have a flashing green man for pedestrians. The flashing green man is on a Pelican crossing which operates at the same time as the flashing amber phase for drivers.
  13. Ginger Daddy thinks you own the butty shop and are giving it a cheap plug. Your not allowed to say nice things on this ere forum without being jumped on I'm afraid. On a lighter note I live quite close by and might pop in and give their sarnies a try thanks for the recommendation:)
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