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  1. Yes denomis is right , these were just minor inconveniences at the time. But what effect would the internet shutting down on a global scale. i.e. business’s and government’s around the world. The internet is not just about entertainment it’s become an infrastructure. What immediate effects would it have on the world? .
  2. After losing my Wi-Fi for 24 hour in Crookesmore I suddenly realised how much I depended on the internet. No emails, could not book airline tickets, no TV on demand and kids seemed lost without Facebook. Despite my frustration I soon began to wonder what would happen if the whole internet shutdown for 24 hours worldwide. How much do we depend on the internet? What effect would it have on a global scale? and the big question: Could it really happen?
  3. For me the best music video ever made is Michael Jacksons "Thriller" (1983). You may beg to differ and maybe there are a few I've missed. Let us know your all time best ever music video and a link if posible as below: Michael Jacksons "Thriller" (1983). ..
  4. Simon Cowell’s close friend Sinitta has told the press that X-Factor will be axed after next year. I think it's loosing it's appeal and I'm getting bored of it. What do you think?
  5. Just wondered how many fans still suport the Rolling Sones. Will you be going to a Rolling Stones concert this year?
  6. I've seen lots of horror movies over the years but not sure if I've seen the scariest. Just wondered if anyone know of any really scary movies.
  7. Who is your favourite 007 actor and James Bond movie? Also rate the new Bond movie 'SKYFALL' if you've seen it.
  8. My wife and I saw Mama Mia last week and she thought the movie was brilliant. But I thought it was just ok and over rated. It seems that I'm the only one that couldn't get in to this movie, is it just a girl thing as every female I know loved the movie. What did you think? Rate the movie 1 - 10
  9. Yes your right thinking about it now - just thought it was a general topic
  10. If you know of any good game sites list them here. Heres one to get you started: cargogames.com
  11. Many machines printers and photo copies now print a series of barely-visible yellow dots onto documents so that they can be traced to that device. Xerox has admitted to using the trace technology, though not all manufactures following suit. And it gets better, more than the 1000 new phone taps a day and mobile phones are being used as bugs to record what you say not only when your not on the phone but ????????? and this is the big one ??????????????????????? even when you think its switched off. i can see them older phones being worth some money one day. Did you never stop to think why the police (Goverment puppets) are so carefull not to release information as to how they obtain eveidance ? Lazer microphones are also used and can hear what your saying in your own home from miles away and if you just breath in a room then your breath leaves egnought DNA for you to be tracked. No i am not out to help thugs get away with crimes but i am also against big bro watching my every move and using technoligy so he can send me regular fines for something like crossing a zebra crossing whilst the little mans on red and make no mistake it will come to that just like it has come to drivers that eat a kit cat whilst driving. Did i forget to tell you about Media Access control (MAC) address that is unique to every network device ? yes i know you can spoof it but from the ground up the internet was not designed to allow unknow access and can you all guess who does all the watching
  12. What's the last film you saw and give it a rating out of 10 Film: I Am Legend rating: 8
  13. I like to wake up each morning felling a new man :: Paris Hilton
  14. Post your witty quotes and sayings ....... I will get it started : 'If you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow' Lets see how many post we can hit with this one.
  15. The Matrix The Italian Job
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