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  1. Contact me if no one has offered to help you already. Barry
  2. Can I just ask the op what the budget is. Then I can make a decision as to whether to pitch for the work or not.
  3. Can I ask, what genre of photography are you interested in. I can offer you some tuition in my studio, but I am not a commercial photographer. I shoot still life and fine art when the mood takes me, I also shoot landscapes and flowers. If you pm me your phone number I will contact you and we can see what comes of it, if anything. I live in Dronfield. Barry
  4. Does anyone on here own a recumbent trike in Sheffield. I have seen one or two knocking about and wondered if there was a club for them. Please get in touch if you would be interested in forming one. Barry
  5. I am interested in exhibiting. Please send ma some details.
  6. I would love to photograph your garden. I take this kind of image anyway, I like flower close ups and all that stuff.
  7. I fancy a go at this, I do not have any male nudes in my portfolio. I think this is a blind area for most male photographers and something we should redress. So, contact me if you think I can help.
  8. I like film because every shot costs money, so before I press the shutter I have to consider if the shot is worthy of my money being spent on it. The effect of this is to slow me down and make me think about every detail and wait for the right moment.
  9. Kev, Your images are typical travel/tourist shots. One or two are good sunsets, but the rest are well exposed holiday snaps. Some would have been better without the people in them, like the mountain shots.
  10. Sheep not wild, that one in the first image looks furious to me.
  11. When I was a fireman the advise given to us when we came across a situation was, always get help first, then render assistance. The reason being, once you commit to a situation you cannot summon help. I think the same maxim applies here. So, just to be clear, I would summon help and then wade in and help the person being attacked.
  12. I have five in my back garden that you can have. Just come and get them.
  13. Some one said that it is sometimes better to drive through the puddle than maybe cause and accident. If this is the case then surely you could at least slow down to minimise the damage.
  14. Surely you don't need to stop them breeding as they are infertile.
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