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    7 month Maternity Cover needed from beginning of July 2019. 9 hours per week @ £8.21 per hour. Must be a female driver with own car (petrol expenses covered during hours of work). 6 hrs one day a week plus 3hrs to be arranged as mutually suitable. The position is to provide care for a 50 year old female with M.E. Duties will involve food preparation, cooking, shopping, cleaning to a high standard, changing bed linen, ironing, some basic personal care, taking out shopping or to recreational activities and also to provide company and support. No experience is necessary as all training will be given. Ideally the candidate should have a quite, caring and supportive nature and be willing to be flexible to varying needs as required. Reliability is essential. If interested or for more information please message here or email helen.mccluskey@hotmail.co.uk


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    What happens if I cant cope?

    It may not be appropriate as you are already in situ and they tend to help with rehousing but have you tried Shelter, a Tenency Support Agency worth checking anyway to see what they can offer.(Tel 08445151991) I'd recommend Mind as well (01142584489), they aren't taking on clients at the moment but can offer a one off session (free) for advice and tell you what is out there. Both the above have websites which are good sources of info and Mind and mind have good links to other recourses. Try the 'Smooth Guide" to Mental Health Support Sheffield (it lists all support both NHS and Voluntary) They have an on line directory or your local library should stock it. You may be better asking your GP to refer you to a Mental Health Support Worker rather than a CPN as they can help out with alot more practical stuff any usually visit every 1/2 weeks. (Your GP really should be on to this, if they are not being supportive, change practice, its easy to do.) NHS Direct will give you a list of all the GP's that cover where you live. If you feel desperate you can always ring them for advice, they will have access to all the support networks that may be appropriate. You should also be able to apply for a Social Fund Grant to help you buy basic essentials eg a cooker and bed etc. A MH support worker, CAB etc should help you fill in the form if thats an issue. St Vincents De Paul donate free furnishings to people who are struggling there is also Sheffield Freecycle. Not sure if you have a SW but have you tried Social Services, you can call into Howden House to see if you would be eligable for some sort of care. They deal more with the Physical disabilities but could put you in touch with the Mental Health Team. Your CPN can refer you as well. There is always the CAB although unfortunately the mental health one is only dealing with inpatients at present...not much use for the rest of us!! Don't give up, there is help out there.

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