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  1. I had a very similar experience when I was there last month. I was advised to go there for anti viral meds when I developed very painful shingles on a Friday evening after my GP surgery closed. I expected it to be very busy given it was a Saturday but was stunned by the amount of people waiting to be seen.My daughter in law who was visiting from London said surely this can't be the only drop in facility for the whole of a city the size of Sheffield One thing I did notice was the number of small children being brought in. Does the Children's not deal with minor cases now?. I'm sure when my two were small we could take them to the Children's for anything. As the previous posted says, the wait was horrendous but once I got seen the advice and care were second to non. The nurse practitioner I saw was exceptional and so kind and patient with me when I was a bit low and feeling very sorry for myself.
  2. There definitely was one at Blackpool pleasure beach in the early 80s. My late husband and I and some friends went for a day out and he took on the big cowboy. We all fell about laughing when he failed miserably and the cowboy came out with "Ah ya shoot like a big girl"!!
  3. We were just discussing this with friends yesterday funnily enough. Our favourite game when we were young was voted playing Seventh Cavalry. This consisted of a pack of us kids galloping up and down the hill on pretend horses , slapping our hips and playing imaginary bugles !! A close second was Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. This consisted of lurching from one side of the pavement to the other . The pictures were all in our heads , what used to be called imagination .
  4. We went for a birthday meal on Monday evening and it was very busy. We found the food good though slightly hotter than we are used to. The family garlic naan was gorgeous and huge. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated and the service was second to non. I was the birthday girl and I was given a huge golden throne to sit on and a birthday ice cream sundae with a very large indoor firework stuck in it and the waiters sang to me and took an instant photo which was presented to me in a card to take home. Perhaps not the most authentic food but well worth a visit and we'll definitely be going again.
  5. My hubby got an electric bike last year. He didn't want to spend a huge amount so plumped for the Coyote Connect folding bike from Halfords. I think it was about £500 It's been great so far. Unfortunately , he has multiple serious health problems and can no longer walk more than a few yards and the bike has given him back so much. He chose that one because you do have to pedal , though not with any great effort so he does get some exercise and it means we can get out together in the fresh air again and I can fold it for him and take it in the car if we want to go further afield .
  6. Same here Dozer. We had all my husbands family round for Boxing Day. I cooked a hot buffet lunch for 23 and we played silly games and had a really good laugh. Most of them got home safe that night but our daughter and son in law couldn't make it and had to stay with us which meant we had our children and their partners stay over for the first time since they left for Uni. It was great !! We built snowmen ( and snow cats) had snowball fights and came in soaking wet and freezing for hot chocolate and marshmallows. After we warmed up we played board games ( King of New York) whilst eating our combined body weight in Thorntons .Next morning I cooked a massive full English for us all . It was LOVELY !! Made myChristmas .
  7. I'm afraid we've experienced some less than perfect customer service at this store too. The attitude of the women serving on the desk leaves a lot to be desired I'm afraid. Contrast them with the customer care I once witnessed at Morrisons Meadowhead. The young woman in front of me at the help desk had brought just the wrapper from a joint of beef in( that's right , just the wrapper no meat) She explained she'd cooked it as per the instructions on the wrapper but the meat was very tough and her family had eaten it but been disappointed and she got a full refund ! Got to say me and everyone else in the queue were gobsmacked but impressed !
  8. I love the taxman recipe but the one I always use now is the Jamie olive ready flatbread one . I make loads of these at one go and freeze what we don't use . They are great toasted straight from the freezer as dipping bread for baked cheeses too. Just search Jamie Oliver easy flatbreads .
  9. One occurrence has stayed with me for years and I'm ashamed to say I am the driver at fault. Not strictly road rage but still car related. I'd been shopping at Meadowhall on a particularly busy day . Parked in the lower car park and was having trouble backing my large Rover out of the bay due to the cars on either side being parked really close to me. A driver who was waiting for my spot kept on beeping his horn for me to get a move on . I was getting hotter and hotter and more and more flustered and still he kept on beeping!! I was still struggling and he was beeping like mad when I finally managed to reverse out. I would down the window and gave him a one finger salute shouting " it's all yours now ****ok" !! Much to the shock of my kids who'd never seen or heard their Mum swear before . It was only as I reached the exit ramp that I realised he was beeping to tell me I had a very flat tyre and that's why it was such a struggle reversing !! I still go hot with shame when I think of it and needless to say my kids have never let it drop .
  10. Not sure if this link will work but my dogs were similar to these although smaller. They were meant to protect the home from bad luck but couldn't protect themselves from thieving toe rags ! http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/0a/ca/2e/0aca2e2a78ecff2b6700a1460ff7bb00.jpg
  11. Just a warning about thieves stealing garden ornaments in Norton. I came home from work an hour ago to find our pair of Chinese temple dogs that should have been standing guard either side of the from door were gone . They are about 15 inches tall and grey stone . I don't know if they'd been stolen today or during the night as I was dashing this morning and didn't notice. I suspect a vehicle may have been involved as they are very heavy , just hope the scrotes don't go and drop one on their foot .. Not !! If you spot them at a car boot or anywhere please ring the 101 number . .
  12. Hui Wei on Glossop Rd do good gluten free as do Wong Ting just off the Moor. My brother in law is coeliac and as we are married to Chinese spouses you can see what a problem he's had with the food both at home and eating out. Wong Ting especially are very good . When we've visited there the manager just told him tell me what you fancy to eat and we' ll make it gluten and wheat free. It's such a treat for him as when we've been to other Chinese restaurants he's had to make do with perhaps a plain steamed sea bass and boiled rice while the rest of us tucked into a tasty feast. Be very wary of certain restaurants on London Rd who will promise you that their soy sauce is gluten free but isn't.
  13. And good luck to you when you do apply for the travel pass. We are now five weeks waiting for my husbands mobility bus pass with companion card to be issued . This despite us fulfilling the criteria for the pass and correctly supplying it to the council . Every single employee we have dealt with , both at the council and transport executive have failed to do their job properly and we've been left annoyed and out of pocket . Our official paperwork has been either lost or not copied properly. When we finally received the letter of authorisation ( after two visits to First point and four phone calls) I took it to the Interchange to apply for the pass and the man on the desk ordered the wrong one ! Don't worry he ( and his supervisor ) say , we'll redo it correctly when this one clears the system .guess what ! We received the wrong one last week . Surprise ! Another phone call to the supplying company and we are still waiting but not hopefully Wednesday this week . We shall see.
  14. My late Dad had hydrotherapy there when his knee replacement didn't go quite to plan. As I remember it's a small , very warm pool and not that deep. The physio used to get in the pool with him to guide him through the exercises which he did holding on to the side of the pool. The sessions were quite short and they were very keen that he drank water afterwards because it was very warm in the pool area. The staff were great with him , (all seemed to be young women at the time my Dad was using the pool.) bless him he was terrified of water due to being thrown into a pool as a little lad and he never learned to swim but they were so calm and professional he got to really enjoy the sessions. Best of all , they worked really well and he regained quite a bit of mobility . Good luck , don't worry you'll be fine !
  15. I think you might be right hillsbro. The restaurant was waitress service when I was there and there were also various private rooms for funeral teas , parties and weddings. Talking of the lifts , in the 70s they still had lift operators who asked which floor you wanted , pressed the buttons for you and announced the floor name as you alighted !
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