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  1. I vote keep the Sheffield Football section, and have a General Football Chat as a 'sticky. (Just in case Admin need any suggestions or feedback)
  2. Heard on TalkSPORT earlier that Reda is out. Didn't catch why though.
  3. Good idea Corks. There are enough footie addicts on this site to make a general site a good 'un. I'm not one of those addicts though as you know, but I reckon it'd be well used. Surely even the numpties from both sides would respect the thread and keep Sheffield footie off it? Go for it kiddo, and good luck with it.
  4. I think Mandaric is looking for on the field success at present, not the dosh. We know he loves his dosh, but he's in it for 'the medium term' (his words) and the medium term doesn't loom just yet. If Lowe was younger, there might be a sniff for Norwich, but I don't think they've a chance yet unless Madine does a Tudgay and clocks off and throws a dummy out. I hope Madine has a better attitude than Tudgay showed.
  5. Teams in red and white stripes often do well at Hillsborough (but not always) Us to win it 3-1. It'll be hard for Brentford to keep COG and Lowe off the scoresheet, and Marshall always fancies his chances. If we get off to a good start, we should be fine. Big IF though.
  6. Stevenage are no mugs, and owt United get down there will be hard earned. I can't see other than a home win, but it won't be 5-1. It could be 6. Seriously, 2-1 Stevenage
  7. And further to my post above, I hope numpties from both sides of Sheffield think very carefully before using the word 'hate' when talking about the other side. This puts life in perspective. We're all Sheffield, and never forget it. Sad, sad news.
  8. Sincere condolences Billy owd lad. No day can ever be worse than the one you and your wife have had to suffer. I see you're playing and captaining your team tonight. That takes some balls mate. I sincerely hope you break all records possible, the courage you're showing is beyond belief. Condolences to you and to all your family. What a horrible time for the lot of you. We're all Sheffield aren't we?
  9. No good for United really, they've always had two big lumps up front, and it's never done them any good.
  10. It's a bit early to be predicting the top 6 innit? Wednesday are one of the best teams in the world at letting their fans down (except in the big BIG games for some reason) and could fall away at any time. Long time to go, and owt can happen. best to wait 'til next May before making a reasoned decision. As for the little spat between Owl84 and S2 Blade earlier:- Originally Posted by Owl84 I said you could find yourselves 6th obviously you won and you didn't. I see a Blade on the thread doesn't think you will finish in the top 6 how come you haven't questioned his opinion? S2 Blade:- All you ever do is slag united off on every chance you get! !! Sorry S2, but earlier this season Owl84 spent days on here fending off Owls who were convinced he was a Blade, and were constantly accusing him of being a Blade calling himself an Owl. For unbiased Wednesday views on here, read Owl84, Corker and me. (You'll not go far wrong)
  11. My big brother is smaller than me. You're not being pedantic are you? In Sheffield speak, a bigger brother is older. Don't argue just for the sake of it, you have red compatriots who do it day in, day out, without needing a mod joining in. That's me banned again I suppose? See you in three days, or never again, or whatever, or am I allowed another post? Looking back, I'm usually allowed 5 or 6 posts, so I shan't say tara just yet. Or am I gone already?
  12. One lad born 1867. His brother is born in 1889. One (the one born in 1867) is the big brother. The other one (born 1889) is the little brother. Just thought I'd clear it up, as some uneducated people amongst us, can't seem to grasp it. Welcome back (although briefly) Crookesey, glad to hear you're still ok. Not a bad season for the Wednesday so far is it? This could be a good year for us pal, but, as usual, I won't hold my breath. United are having a 'fantastic' year, and I think we (who are 'avin' a middlin' year) are only a point behind. I hope Wednesday start to play really well very soon, or we could end up being embarrassed by the filth.
  13. That's what infuriates everybody. I've said dozens of times on here that all professional players 'can play'. Against MK we 'played'. Jump forward a couple of days to Stevenage .................. can't be bothered. They mek me vomit.
  14. I really couldn't give a flying to be honest. I know both clubs are poor at the moment. Dunt matter who's in charge, the players always let the manager, the fans, and the club down. Have a look at the League come next May. Neither of us will be very impressed.
  15. The problem's not their ability, it's their attitude, or Megsons. Time after time at Hillsborough we get players who just can't be bothered. No matter who the owner is, or who the manager is, the players' attitude always seems to be 'can't be bothered'. It must be summat int watter.
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