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  1. I went to Ellesmere youth club when you went i can remember Pauline Richards i went out with her she had a mate called Barbra stevens do you remember a girl called rossy lamb what is your name i know Sheila use to work with spike.
  2. do you know any more from the lane ---------- Post added 06-01-2013 at 13:39 ---------- hi i live in woodside lane is your sister about 66 now and did she where glasses
  3. hi i lived across from the turton the house number would br around the 50 mark i lived at 38 but i can only remember jonh anne and sandra unless there was 2 turton famalys liveing in the lane ---------- Post added 04-01-2013 at 00:19 ---------- hi i went to school with a girl called janet lindley i think her mate name was janet cutts
  4. hi i can remember the savages i knock around with malcom when we went to woodside school
  5. hi did you have a brother called malchom
  6. hi i lived next door to a family called webster in woodside lane in the 50s there names are tony and carol there moved to the park hill flats and i lost contack with them
  7. hi i was born in woodside lane i can remember a girl called janet lindley and the stringfellows just carnt place marshall street
  8. hi if you lived at no 12 wasnt that at the bottom of woodside lane next to the girl that had a big christmas tree up every year do you remember any of the lads and lasses hope to here back
  9. hi i use to go in the winsor do you remember the thorpes,fishers,and meyers,there all lived on boundary road
  10. hi does any body remember a lad called ron canetty he married the chippys dautgher in the late sixties
  11. hi i use to knock around with frank coker when they live in neepsend i can remember henry and marrie this is going back about 50 years the good old days
  12. hi i lived 4 doors away from the thorpe i knocked around with alan he had a sister called elaine he use to collect bets across from our house mum use to warn him when the cops were coming
  13. hi my dad work there in the 50 and 60 his name was len smith he was a charge hand on the polishing machines
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