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  1. They are fascists they have no interest in good causes simply in making money out of them and in spreading hatred. They aim to benefit for stoking peoples fears using lies and misinformation. They actually have very little support, their huge number of likes on Facebook is down to paid promotion it's a money making excercise for them and it will fail. The much vaunted roadshow has turned into the inevitable damp squib and I have no doubt that it won't be long before Dowson and Gooding disappear and re-emerge under a different flag.
  2. Their meeting tonight was cancelled, they say because of police intimidation, yet out of spite they have published the name of the pub and phone number and have invited their supporters to ring and complain. Hardly the actions of a reasonable political organisation.
  3. They have no interest in animal welfare but use all that stuff to gain likes and shares and raise their facebook profile, in fact most of what is posted on their facebook page is pretty vile. Lies and misinformation designed to stir up hatred towards muslims. They use copyrighted images for their own ends and pictures of abused animals to raise political funding. They regularly use the image of Lee Rigby despite his mother asking that they don't. They use the poppy emblem and raise money but for themselves not the British Legion. They are run by former EDL/BNP members with links to Irish paramilitary groups. They are openly racist and homophobic. Any criticism on their facebook page is deleted and the poster blocked, that is fascism. Reasonable and sensible they are most certainly not.
  4. They are holding a rally at Dronfield Station on Saturday night 8pm I'm hoping the good people of Sheffield will be there to let them know they aren't wanted.
  5. If you are planning to do some walking around Wirksworth and taking in the Ecclesbourne Railway and maybe Crich Tramway museum you could do a lot worse than plan an overnight stop here: http://www.theoldlockup.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/Theoldlockup Lovely place!
  6. If you were there and enjoyed it as much as we did let Bob the landlord know! We'd like to be back but with more notice!
  7. Free admission and always a great night. The Cellarmen will be performing their usual blend of classics their way! 9pm onwards
  8. Great night! Thanks to Bob at the Shiny Sheff and to all who came along! Hope to be seeing you all again in October!
  9. The Cellarmen will be rocking it up at the Shiny Sheff at the top of Crimicar Lane this Saturday 18th June Providing a healthy smattering of rock blues and soul classics, always a good night. Great pub, great food, great beer & excellent sounds.
  10. The Cellarmen will be once again dishing up a hot steaming dollop of Rock Blues and Soul classics at the Horns Inn, Holmsfield from 9pm Hope to see friends old and new there
  11. The Cellarmen, tapping a vintage barrel of Rock Blues & Soul classics at the Shiny Sheff, Crimicar Lane this Saturday Back on the road after a brief absence we look forward to welcoming friends old and new to one of our favourite venues! 9pm start Great Sounds Fantastic Beer!
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