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  1. It's great having a garden full of sunflowers - more people should do it and if you leave them all winter the birds love them and it gives some interest (they look great covered in frost!).
  2. I guess everyone will have good and bad experiences of any hospital you care to mention. However, I would say that in our experience the staff and facilities at the Chesterfield Royal was very good. Parking can also be bad at Chesterfield at times though (same as any hospital I guess!).
  3. How many cds have you got to recycle?
  4. There aren't many 'tinkers' around these days...
  5. Can you get up to the head and rub some of the dust and the remaining 'floret's' off? The seeds should be under these just see how big they are. Sadly the 'dust' sounds like mildew or grey mould - it's been far too wet for keeping them for seeds and you might lose a lot to these infections...
  6. As far as I'm aware apart from using them as coasters etc the only real way of recycling a cd / dvd is sending them off to a company like http://www.polymerrecycling.co.uk/cd.html who can turn them into other plastic products. I don't think the domestic plastic recycling system can cope with cds...
  7. The quickest and best way is probaby get an expert in to remove it but yes it will cost Otherwise try to damage the stump as much as possible - roughen it up etc. How big is the stump anyway?
  8. Try foxgloves and aqualegia - both shoudl do ok in shady areas (they do in mine).
  9. Mine has half a dozen big flower heads on it - certainly not as good as last year but I'm just going to put it down to it having a 'rest' year.
  10. Don't be too worried - the plant has only a few weeks left in it so it will start to die anyway no matter how much water you give it. Just make sure it doesn't dry out and you are giving the tomato feed and it'll be fine.
  11. Ours was 16 days late... good luck and hope the little one comes soon!
  12. As long as they are growing well and aren't stressed by drought then you should be able to split them. Personally for the grass / bamboo you should be able to dig a chunk out and if transplanted then they should be fine. The lavendar might be harder - the usual way is through taking cuttings so a little more work and patience is needed.
  13. I have been at Sheffield Hallam for the last couple of days on a short course I look out on the new Conran flats which are being built next to the Novatel Hotel. Now I quite like modern architecture (but of course I prefer classic architecture) but personally I already think that this and the building next door is something of a carbunkle. Especially since it will loom over the Winter Gardens - will this soon become the 'Night time winter gardens?'. Here's a link to what it will look like: http://www.skyscrapernews.com/buildings.php?id=1884 What were they thinking?
  14. Very easy Pattricia - just pop them into a seed tray now and they should grow fine - you can then pot them up when they are bigger and then when they are finally about pencil size you can then plat them out by making a large hole > placing the leek in and just 'puddling' some water in everysooften.
  15. Personally I think it's so we don't end up looking like Minime or Duncan Goodhuw - that look doesn't suit me.
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