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  1. A photo of him might help luv.
  2. Here you go http://www.whirlowhallfarm.org/?page_id=3166
  3. I have asked on here https://www.facebook.com/GuyMartinRacing?fref=ts
  4. Anyone suggest a good place to go to get some lino?
  5. Thanks hillsbro I dont think thats where I mean. I'm wondering if the thing I said was a nissen hut was just a piece of corrugated steel made into a garden type hut thing. Wish my nan was still alive cos I would ask her.
  6. Did there used to houses where the allotments were at the bottom as I remembered my nan had an allotment in the 80s that had a nissen hut on it near the wall?
  7. Hi thanks Beakerzoid I tried that the other day but it didn't bring that up
  8. Ha ha was waiting for some smart alec to say that. I have had a look but can't find anything as yet so thought I'd ask if anyone may have come across something that I haven't.
  9. Does anyone know if this is available to buy?
  10. Not a relation. Will ask me Mum which part they worked, ---------- Post added 22-02-2013 at 21:01 ---------- She says that Dad did stamping ---------- Post added 22-02-2013 at 21:06 ---------- Also Dad worked alone most of the time. ---------- Post added 22-02-2013 at 21:09 ---------- She said John Driver was one of his mates
  11. Syd Pearson. My Grandad Cliff Ward worked there also.
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