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  1. Im looking to hire a sunbed only for a week from tomorrow can anyone recommend anywhere and know costs thanks
  2. I wouldn't buy one we had one and it caused more worry than reassurance. They are supper sensitive and pick up loads of other noises. I never managed to get my sons heart beat. Gave up at 25ish weeks
  3. Had seen a job ad and was going to apply! After reading this I think I'll pass thanks for the heads up
  4. A disposable one would be fine it's only for one party
  5. Where can I buy a gas canister for a BBQ reasonably cheap Thanks
  6. Got one from eBay an they are rubbish the hoops aren't strong enough and just now with the weight of the dress
  7. Can anyone recommend where I can hire a one hoop hoop reasonably priced Thanks
  8. Iv just moved into a house and the previous owner has painted the bath and sink not sure what with but it's all started to come off. Can't afford a new suite at minute so trying to find out how to get it off so it looks ok Any ideas
  9. I'm moving to s12 this week and am looking for a suitable playgroup to take my 6 month old son. Can anyone recommend any? Thanks
  10. My employers asked for my medical records a few years ago. However all they did was wrote to my doctor about a specific period asking them to explain how it does or doesn't make me fit to work so my employer could make ness art adjustments to my post. The doctors DO NOT send your records out just a letter. I had to amend a letter of consent to my GP to ok this which I did with no problems as there was nothing sneaky or anything to hide and it helped me get my work to understand my position
  11. Can any one recommend anywhere or anyone other than apple to replace a screen on an iPhone 4S? Thanks
  12. They do now have a wedding co-ordinator. i am getting married there in 11 weeks and she has been extremly helpful with us
  13. Iv just bought mine from new york bride and can second what topdog said. Victoria is brilliant lovely shop and so much choice!! Mine was £500 but £1800 direct from the designer happy days for me
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