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  1. The standard of Indian food in Sheffield is dire as far as I am concerned. Having spent two years in India, from my experience nearly all Indian food served in Sheffield should be prosecuted under the trades description act. For one thing, there is nearly always too much cheap oil and salt in it, and restaurants use the same sauces for every dish. Not good for your health. Exception is East West on Abbeydale Road if you want authentic South Indian food. They do good Dosa.
  2. Avoid Albert Road, Heeley. its like bumping cars just seen 2 cars bump into parked cars, neither stopped despite scratching the hell out of them Crazy to go out in the car tbh
  3. The concept of Individual Responsibility:o....You just might have to explain to one or two people what that is I reckon......
  4. How can anyone think that it is either worthwhile or reasonable to comment on an 'incident' communicated from a child to a parent and now onto a message board without any knowledge or awareness of its context. Talk about Chinese whispers........
  5. Before we all throw stones, i think we should consider the honesty of the poster in raising this issue. He is obviously conscientious enough to have reflected on it after the event and is open to the fact that he might have made the wrong decision at the time. I think i would have rang the fire service and police, but isn't it easy to be morally correct on a discussion board!!!
  6. thanks for the suggestions, will check some of these out went to Coop today at 5.45 and they wouldn't serve.
  7. personally, think it would be unfortunate to add meat option, there are many places to eat meat in sheffield. for a vegetarian it is refreshing to have somewhere to go that is veg/fish only
  8. Anyone know of a cafe in sheff that opens in the evening? Anyone else think that it is rubbish that you can't get a tea or coffee in a cafe after 6, especially in summer. When i was in spain could go out at 11 and get a coffee (though the tea was bad!) anyway, why not open up later and close later?
  9. Was getting out of my car at waitrose and a car pulled up beside me. The driver, a south european looking guy, started telling me how he has been in sheffield for a few days selling design jackets, was flying back this evening but had not sold his quota and offered me a free jacket to reduce his luggage, asking would i like to try one on to see if it fitted. I Declined the offer. Was i right to be sceptical????
  10. I have sent an email to M.Munn articulating my sense of dismay. I don't hold my breathe though...
  11. this is absolutely sickening... lenient sentences for pre-meditated 'murder' seem to be common place, its very scary. No wonder the boys were laughing their way through the trial... Who do you complain to though??????
  12. I walked through Endcliffe Park 8pm tonight and was shocked to see it covered in literally hundreds beer cans and bottles like the morning after Glastonbury...it looked really pathetic. I know the bins were full but i am alone in thinking there is a case for folk taking some kind of responsibilty for their waste disposal. So who cleans that up now?
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