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  1. I'm doing it again this year, my 4th time. Did it with my daughter Innocence for 2 years, with my gf joining us last year, and will all be there again this year. You definately don't have to run! There are wheelchairs, toddlers, pensioners, you all go at your own pace. Gf and I will be Pink Pirates again this time, last year was the first time we got dressed up, it makes it all the more fun! Men have their own race the same day, for testicular cancer. Don't know any details though.
  2. So sorry about Jeremy, I had to make the same decision with our cat Alfie a few months ago, and even though I knew it was right for him, it was the hardest thing to do. We brought him home and buried him in the garden, and whilst everyone else now wishes him a 'Good Morning' or some other cheery greeting as they go past, I still find myself just saying 'Sorry Alfie'. I think you did the right thing by giving him a chance, and the right thing by having him put to sleep in the end.
  3. Happy First Anniversary to two of the lovliest people on here! Hope you had a special day despite the worry you are going through xx
  4. Ooh this sounds exciting! I go past your shop every day, Lotti, on my bus to/from work at Meadowhead, my daughter says she's been in and had a chinwag with you, though I can't remember if she said she met Takara. It looks great from the outside, I'll have to see the inside one day after work when I'm not falling asleep on the bus... I'm intrigued about yours and Takara's story, I suspect I may need tissues, we will watch out for you both!
  5. Wow! A Mighty Boosh Snowman! The Snow Hello Kitty is fabulous, Innocence's mum must be really amazing and incredibly talented to have built that! All that and good looks too! What a great mum!
  6. Just had to say, Harm O Knee, I am laughing my head off at your avatar cos I've just tried to brush that insect off my screen!
  7. He sings this to me every morning at 6am and I defy him every time by touching the off switch on my phone alarm
  8. This was the 'break' part of ours on Tuesday! We got this far though
  9. I'll be walking down with my daughter if the buses stop running. She's been looking forward to it for months so we will get there, no matter what!
  10. Aww I hope he's okay, our 7year old cat Alfie (sadly no longer with us) used to get cystitis a lot, he stopped being cuddly and would yowl and wail as he wandered round the house, and had pink/red urine in tiny amounts. Putting him back on a tinned meat diet from a dry one seemed to help, but it's awful to see them feeling poorly when you can't help or explain to them! We just had to keep going back to the vets each time for more medication. Hope Jeremy's okay xx
  11. I've always been a bog roll or kitchen roll kind o' gal, but 2 years ago I was introduced to proper boxes of tissues by my new gf at the time whose nose is a bit spoilt rotten. These days we have tissue boxes in most rooms but I still use kitchen roll when she's not looking; my nose rips tissues apart in seconds!
  12. Another day off work, please, I've had so much fun today and I want to do more of this and this. Thankyou
  13. My tip for a good night's sleep: * catch a 32 bus home at 5.20 on a blizzardy evening * stay on it for over an hour and a half as it crawls along what would normally take 7 minutes or so * get off it at 5 to 7 when East Bank Road gets blocked by crashed cars and buses * walk the remaining 8 miles home to Richmond, uphill in stupid slippy work shoes, taking an hour and a half to do so in the dark, freezing snowstorm * walk in the house at 5 to 8 (having left work at 3pm), fall into your PJs and shut your eyes. I guarantee a long night of seriously solid sleep. I hope this helps!
  14. Ooh I read this article in the Star and giggled at you reading to your naked bf to test out the sexy bits of the book!
  15. That photo is beautiful! Here's Blossom, our 3 year old rabbit
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