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  1. on a different note at the end of the vid, what the frig as that kid done to his eyebrows,
  2. We have fibre here at stocksbridge, did they go strait pass you lol ? Edit sorry dint read it right,
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-31146535 is it it coming ? i bloody well hope not,
  4. Someone's a wee premature, be hopes its not a pattern
  5. your thread? its a forum, get over yourself,
  6. demolished! i misspent my youth in there, oh well times move on and you cant get it back,
  7. Akita/quarter German Shepherded
  8. Well that's 43 minuets of my life wasted watching that crap, the constant repeating of clips is really annoying, its like they are sensationalizing it.
  9. God is created in mans image. THERE IS NO GOD! Keep on taking the tablets
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