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  1. I'm looking to buy approximately 20 standard wooden pallets for a garden project. Does anyone know a firm locally that are not expensive and will deliver?
  2. Everyone being made to pay a part of their Council Tax. Then there's the Bedroom Tax. Benefit names changed. Disabled being assessed for ESA, PIP. How are you affected by all the changes? Are you losing sleep worrying how to keep your head above water? The people I've spoken to regarding this are having a horrific time trying to make ends meet. What's your experience? Please no replys along the lines of, 'Go get a job'. This is a thread aimed at the people who are suffering genuine hardship for whatever reason.
  3. I fear I soon will be walking in your shoes. To describe how I feel about having to talk about my condition (also depression) at my ATOS interview doesn't bear thinking about. It petrifies me to think about it. And what if I don't come across as being truthful? All this just piles on the agony of being depressed
  4. Wow never seen so many green eyed monsters in one place. Some of you need to take a look at yourselves. Take the bully to the cleaners. If there's any justice the doorman should loose his licence and the OP fully compensated for her injuries. All she's done is gob off a bit.
  5. Does anyone know the managers full name? Also any of the doorman/women that work there?
  6. hi mate i will play im 18 in apri i play st/rw i really desprate to join a football team so let e know asap cheers
  7. I've never been much of a film buff but looking into watching a few over the coming weeks. So, as this thread was started almost over 2 years ago, I thought it was worth bumping. So what are the best films of all time?? (Including the last 2+ years )
  8. As with Christina, if anyone is brave enough to add me on Facebook :hihi: drop me a message. Male or female :thumbsup:
  9. You're welcome ---------- Post added 02-01-2013 at 12:50 ---------- I'm sure you're allowed to create an event of your own if there's something you're particularly interested in doing.
  10. Try this: http://www.facebook.com/groups/sheffieldsocialising/?fref=ts :thumbsup:
  11. From my OH - I have been an in/out patient over the last 14 years, the last 8 more regular and the last 4 being in every 6-8 weeks for 2-3 wks at a time. At time I have been in for 2wks, home for few days then bk in for a wk or so. Being in this amount of time is extremely difficult to cope with and yes I agree that the TV service is well over priced but I couldn't be in hospital for the time I am without it. And no that's not because I can't bare to miss Jereme Kyle or know whats happening in Coronation Street but because there's only so long you can spend reading a book (though difficult to concentrate on), doing wordsearch or as I always do - play on my DS. There are many for and against arguments to be had - For - Occupies your mind, aiding your recovery. Many patients don't have visitors so watching the tv in hospital (as it is said at home) is 'company'. The cost is a huge factor and I agree it should be cheaper. As a regular patient I am classed as a 'long term patient' an if I pay for 10 days currently £35 (value pack) I get 1 free day for every £10 I spend. (£35 then = 13 days). IF I go home before the 13 days or if I put extra days on but dont use them all then I can save them till the nxt admission. . . I'm not sure if it's the case now but if you have to stay over 30 days and you contact them, your service becomes free of charge until you leave. Against - Obviously the cost. As soon as you pay for the TV your time runs even if you turn your unit off when not watching. Service, It can take forever to get through to the operator and over the last 2 years they have cut the staff (on site) so much that there is now 4 staff to work hallamshire and northern gen. at the same time. Choice of channel, You get BBC 1,2. ITV 1. CHL 4,5. You then get some but NOT all free channels. Kids films and 2 or 4 film channels depending on the package*. They don't offer what they say they do. *Packages - 3 Hourly, I think this is £3.50 although the smallest card you can buy is for £5. 24hrs , 3 days, 5 days, 10 days, 20 days - The cost of the larger bundles depends on if you want the tv package you choose, each package offers unlimited outgoing calls to *landlines, but people phoning in to wards are charged 42p - 50p a min. They also offer free internet, I have been on several wards and am yet to find the internet to work or IF it does it can take at least 5-15 to load a single page with poor controls on the back of the TV remote. As for the free games, I had a computer in the 80s (with a tape recorder to upload them) that was quicker and better graphic's. VALUE PK - 21 chnl's inc. 3 Film channels. You actually get 14 tv, 1 kids Films (4-5 video's on a loop chosen by Hospedia) 2 Film (again 5-6 vid's on loop chosen by Hospedia) The video's they are showing have been the same films for the last 6+ months. For 10 days this is £35 PREMIUM PK - 32 Chnl's inc. 5 film. This is actually the same as the value pk apart from an extra 2 film channels, sorry video's on loop, that again have been the same for months with maybe the odd exception. For 10 days this is £45, 20 days £65. I'd also like to add to a couple of the comments posted earlier - Someone mentioned about taking a phone, Ipod, Ipad or laptop etc. A lot of wards don't allow you to use these in hospital, either for disruption to equipment or because of theft's (I have been a victim of this myself). There was also a post saying something about if your in hospital your saving money or still getting benefit while being taken care of and fed etc. I'm sorry but everytime I am in hospital I still have the same family bills etc to pay for as if I was at home, but we then have added travel/parking costs to pay. Because of my illness I am unable to work and HAVE to claim benefits but if I am in hospital for 21 days out of the month (Either continuous or broken) I loose any benefits I claim for.
  12. http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ Next day delivery and usually delivered free!
  13. Nice 1! Typing from my new Toshiba laptop now Very pleased with it. Delivery was super fast too. Ordered online yesterday morning. Delivered 25 hours later. I'd recommend 'SaveOnLaptops' to anyone.
  14. Hi, They have a room above the skates place on queens rd (what used to be silver blades) as far as I know its a large room with the facilities you are needing. Don't know how much they charge but worth trying x ps I think its called skate central now
  15. Appreiciate all your replies and suggestions guys. Haven't been a student for a few years but thanks anyway grenada Think I'm going to go with the Toshiba. With all my hours of searching t'interweb, I've found nothing that betters it for spec and value. A couple of not-so-good reviews but far outweighed by the good reviews. Thanks again people
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