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  1. Does anyone know what the state of Ashland Rd, Nether Edge is please? My mum is due to visit my grandad (carer) tomorrow but concerned it might be an ice rink.
  2. I work in central government and often work from home. The fact we all are all now trying to means that suddenly all meetings are virtual. Thus, the system, servers and network are struggling to cope. It's unsurprising that in the public sector and local/central government haven't splashed out public money getting much more capacity than needed on the off chance we have a pandemic.
  3. Walkley Beer Co have a great and varied selection of cans and bottles As do Ecclesall Ale Club Fulwood Ale Club have less but are stocking up All remain open and grateful for business.
  4. Thanks Martin. I work on Millsands so that would be slightly too close to work!
  5. Hello, Slightly random but I'm looking for a flat to move to in Sheffield and whilst I originally wanted something a bit out of the centre I'm just about giving up on the idea of finding somewhere suitable which is of a decent quality and doesn't cost the earth. I've been put off by city centre flats due to size, noise and most seem to allow students. Also, despite being trendy, I find Kelham Island to be a bit of a wasteland with very little in infrastructure, too much traffic and people out socialising. However, given the daily bus torment and the better quality of property, it's becoming more tempting. Especially if it's on the fringes of Kelham Island. So, that being said, if you live or live in flats which are clean, safe and quiet, I'd be grateful for a recommendation. Thanks Rob
  6. Hi, considering a flat on Westminster Crescent. Does anyone have an update? The crime stats would suggest that there's still the same problem.
  7. When it was free and the bars near Dev Green were raking it in, they were asked to contribute and refused. They used to be given money to book acts. They made thousands by doing nothing but being in the right place.
  8. Thanks Ghozer, it's working like a treat. I really appreciate you doing it so quickly.
  9. I've had nightmares involving a stripped computer and not being able to put it back together again!
  10. Thanks, not using it isn't an option unfortunately. The model is Acer TravelMate P253-M 15.6-inch.
  11. Hello, I have an Acer Travelmate but it would seem that it needs a new A/C Port. It will only charge at the moment when the charger is plugged in at an odd angle and resting against something. I've tried another charger and it makes no difference. It's a single prong Port but looks like the metal either side has bent back so not getting a good connection. I'm in the process of attempting to push the metal out again but no joy so far. Does anyone know what the rough repair cost would be to get a new A/C Port fitted? I'm trying to weigh that up against the cost of a new laptop.
  12. yep, but only the official fringe events. There are unofficial ones as well (or those where they didn't get line-ups to them in time.)
  13. I've put all the events pages I can find in one event https://www.facebook.com/events/456800867833125/ Also a few suggestions regarding free stuff https://www.facebook.com/events/517398978415830/
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