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  1. Looking For Old Photos of SHEFFIELD For Peoples To View
  2. the cottages where between upwell street and the front cottage doors where on the same road has the regent hope the wait was worth it sorry for the delay
  3. i must have gone to school with you because i did two year 2s also
  4. i know where those cottages where, but first we must start with the pub and only if you have been to that pub would an explanation help you please reply then i will endever to explain further
  5. i left page hall in 1979 but my name hia robert furness
  6. my father was born up there flower estate
  7. 151/105 where circular buses that run through shiregreen
  8. bradleys newsagents a little danny davito dude owned the shop
  9. I must know u all the names you have mentioned i went to school with them
  10. hello i was in the 21st during the late 60s through to 1979
  11. yes u r right some of the internationals did remane and with others formed the gutter band, my brother was in the band when they had a bad crash in the late 80,s
  12. thank you Alligin for giving me back a memory i once forgot kenyons was like a cut down redgates to me and my brother how time passes and we all forget our past, remember that time his our friend and will always be with us where ever we go, so it is nice to visit time passed even if sometimes our memories are not that great but memories can not be taken away from us so visit them from time to time they are always thier
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