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  1. Erm, 2 players are not half the England team or not the last time I watched footie AND sickly lad Hurst played a massive, erm, 3 times for the England senior team.
  2. Tesco car boot!! Covid outbreak right there!!
  3. Yes I remember Barringtons, next too Toni's sarsaparilla shop if i remember right
  4. Unfortunately, as a seasoned seller on flea bay, its up to the seller to set the account for returns or no returns and pays postage or not. Check your account settings and adjust in future as required. All a bit irrelevant anyway because even if you set no returns paypal will still refund if they say it damaged/unfit for purpose or not delivered
  5. Nothing but nothing surprises me nowadays. A few years ago I saw a student type youngster press the button on a pelican crossing just as an Ambulance approached with blues and twos blaring. Yes the lights changed, the Ambulance was forced to stop and they sauntered across the road as if nothing had happened !!!!!
  6. Warnock resigned................
  7. I think you may have miss read the post
  8. First thing, I am a blade of 50 years so dont say I am delusional, i am realistic. Chris has taken us as far as he could, people and teams have got wise to our style and players. Monies was made available but unwisely spent, Brewster may be an investment but very ineffective at this time and level. Chris lost the respect of Many players and by the looks the chairman. The fact he will not reply to the Accusations is more than a little damming, dont you think?? Tactics at some points were alarming and the only reason we did so well last season was the fact players played above there station. I admire Sir Chris and thank him for what he did but, hey, lets move on.....
  9. Well, here is a telling question. Now Chris Wilder has left the blades, if and when he gets another managerial job (which he surely will be offered) will he use the same formation he used at The lane?? Could we see Celtic using attacking centre backs?? DISCUSS
  10. No afraid not. It was not a persons name it was something like Smartprice or something along those lines No sorry no afraid not
  11. Hi all, Bottom of Middlewood Road in the 80s/90s was a TV sales shop. It was possibly number 15, next to the old Decor8 shop. If memory serves it had a red sign above the shop with the name in yellow. It was NOT one of the nationals that were about at the time like DER, Radio rentals etc, just a small independent. What was its name?
  12. Oh how I laughed when I read the United statement, Corporal Pyke Sharp with 24 goals and Private Didsy Frazer with 15. Top it off with promotion to the premier league and you can see how predictions usually dont come true!
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