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  1. No afraid not. It was not a persons name it was something like Smartprice or something along those lines No sorry no afraid not
  2. Hi all, Bottom of Middlewood Road in the 80s/90s was a TV sales shop. It was possibly number 15, next to the old Decor8 shop. If memory serves it had a red sign above the shop with the name in yellow. It was NOT one of the nationals that were about at the time like DER, Radio rentals etc, just a small independent. What was its name?
  3. Oh how I laughed when I read the United statement, Corporal Pyke Sharp with 24 goals and Private Didsy Frazer with 15. Top it off with promotion to the premier league and you can see how predictions usually dont come true!
  4. Viva became the Astra. Cavalier became a Vectra Just saying
  5. Red Lion at Townend has a picture on its wall in tap room of Azena
  6. Spose that's why they have been bolting Turbos on truck engines that do half a million miles between rebuilds for the last 40 years!
  7. Best view is from the top of Myrtle road Sheffield 2, looks out over the town centre/loxley valley, parkwood etc etc, BUT turn around 180 degrees and you have Graves park and out to Derbyshire. I used to live there and would stand at the windows for hours drinking in the views
  8. Anyone know of a Friday car boot in Yorkshire/Derbyshire?
  9. Sale Amount - free to good home Reason for Rehome / Sale - owner had to go into residential care Time Scale – How Urgent? - as soon as address check carried out Has the Cat ever been in Rescue-yes, 6 years ago due to owner relocation Location Sheffield 12 Age & Sex 8 years and female Vaccinated & Wormed probably and yes Neutered & Micro chipped yes and yes Breed/ Mix domestic- shorthaired Colour/markings - black and white Long/Shorthaired - shorthaired Live in / Or in and out- both Used to a cat flap - unknown only just introduced to this concept Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - yes Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - no Temperament - placid. content, lazy, typical cat OK with Dogs / Cats - yes Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching - definately, has not got a malicous bone in her body Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching - yes Good or Bad with Children - unkown, lived with eldery person but cant see a problem Dislike of Men or Women - no Housetrained- yes definately Any further General Information you can share. My Mother has had to go into care, bless her. Her cat, an 8 year old female spayed, litter trained and chipped house cat has to be found a forever home. She is very happy to curl up on a chair or bed but is quite adept to a stroll outside given time. Lucy is overwieght as my Mother doted on her, but during her two week stay with us she has lost at least a Killogram without any special diet,just cutting down on the amount she has in her feed bowl has been enough. We would keep her but our 10 year old female cat, Chloe does not appreciate sharing her house with another cat and we have to have allegience to our permanent pet, of course. If Chloe is not happy we may loose her and that would not be fair... Lucy is a lovely black and white cat with white socks and a "Felix" face. She has had a full vacination record untill recently but due to my Mothers mental condition her vacination record has been lost. Please help as we can not keep her and the consequences are unthinkable!! PLEASE NOTE, LUCY IS FREE TO A GOOD HOME BUT THE ADOPTEE ADDRESS WILL BE CHECKED FOR SUITABILITY. Please CALL OR TEXT us on 07768 582972 for details. Can bring Lucy to you and a cat carrier will be free of charge also.
  10. That comment alone puts you in that bracket then!!!!! Or are you NOT being judgemental??? That though is what SPOILS this forum, every innocent post turns into a full on personal attack. We have opions, unless they are to be suppressed we will live in a lot poorer society, now shut up get on with the thread as it should be
  11. I complained and was offered a 10% discount, insulting really. I was also shown the heating element setting, which i pointed out that was the target temp, not the actual temperature. I will not be going back for sure, if anyone else still wants to go in that is up to them but please do not make out the O/P is lying, i have experienced the same. If you want ripping off and a liberal dose of food poisoning then go ahead and fill yer boots...
  12. Fully agree with O/P its disgusting now. Last time we were in it was 5.45 so higher price but when i told them most of the food was empty they said it was because they had not had time to refill. I asked if they were going to charge at lower price then and they replied no "higher price relects the extra dishes we serve" needless to say there wasnt any more dishes, less in fact. Rice is ALWAYS cold. Service is shocking. Utencills have the remains of the last users meal on them Kids left to stick fingers in food etc, staff let them do it. Oh and last time we were in they decided to round of the Bill to the nearest higher pound, that did tip me over the edge....
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