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  1. I stand corrected. Its been a long time ago and I was around for it all. I saw the Tirpitz upside down in the Gareloch among a great many war time wrecks including Japanese midget submarines.12000 pounds is still kind of big. Good job the Germans didn't drop one on Brown Baileys. My Dad was on fire warch there.
  2. A 20,000 lb bomb was dropped by a Lancaster bomber on the German battleship Tirpitz in WW2. By so doing ,the ship capsized and sank, seriously helping to win the war. Another useful service has just been done.
  3. I don't know how much you really know about America, but in my long time here I have not found any more bragging than you would in any Sheffield pub. Certainly sports fans brag about their team's success, or bemoan their failure, but no worse than Wednesday or United. We don't have to brag about our achievements. They speak for themselves.
  4. It's being passed around by Senator Dianne Feinstein who has some power in he Senate. She's not the kiind of person to wantonly rumour.
  5. He didn't really replace Spiro Agnew because Agnew was already gone. As for a resignation needing Senate and House approval, I'll be honest I'm not sure. Bill Clinton was impeached by Congress but not the Senate, so he stayed in office. Impeahment is of course quite different than resignation, but resignation is often used to avoid the stigma of impeachment. It doesn't work.
  6. The latest rumor going around is that he is about to resign. If this happens it will give the presidency to his vice president, who appears to be a reasonably able person. The last vice president to take the throne was Greald R. Ford who succeeded Richard Nixon after Nixon resigned in disgrace. Ford was never elected as he was defeated by Jimmy Carter at the next election. Carter was a total disaster as a president, but a great human being.
  7. There are one or two at least. I think Bill Clinton was impeached for improper conduct with one of his staff. Lying is a good one, nepotism too.
  8. I am having more fun than I've had in years watching the Donald destroying himself more and more each day. He's the biggest joke in America, and the GOP along with him. Impeachment will come in time. I wonder if he'll do a Richard Nixon with his arm length V sign as he climbed aboard Helicopter One for the last time.
  9. I lived in Montreal for many years before i came south for a better job.There was plenty of gun violence to go around bit I loved the place anyway. The way you have stated it works well. The sheer size of Canada versus its population almost makes the need for a family gun obvious.
  10. I also read the Guardian on line, and like it a lot, but there is only one NY Times, which is the only way to go.
  11. I couldn"t agree with you more. Of course its Americans killing Americans. We atre fully aware that its true. But imagining it can be stopped as if it were Britain. It cannot. Democracy has no Official Secrets Act, no putting people in jail for disagreement with the status quo. Its your vote or mine. Somewhere at this time, almost half the voting public made a gross error, the same as the gross error of believing owning a gun will keep you alive. As a retired member of the Royal Navy I am fully trained in weaponry and am a good shot. I have taught my sons to shoot and one of them, Dave, fought in Iraq and was wounded there. But he has no gun now. If he lived in Texas he would be better off to own one, but not here in Connecticut.
  12. Change the Record, Melt, there's a good lad. Gun control is a political matter to be decided State by State. One trick suits all won't work in a country of 50 States. My own State of Cinnecticut along with most of the New England States have very strict gun laws, but if, for instance, you wants to feel a bit safe in Chicago, you'd be well advised to have the nonce to use a handgun someday. In Britain's tight single basic Police Force in a small comparative area its a doddle. Bear in mind that England was so in trouble with pistols they took guns out of the policeman's hands, and made if certain death for you if you killed a cop. Strange by American thinking but it sure worked
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