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  1. Advice please, Going to pick laminate flooring up tomoz, does anybody know wether there will be too much weight in my ford focus hatchback (10-12 packs) depending on which one daughter chooses.Don,t really want to make two trips.
  2. Window is leaking in my bedroom, Had a look at sealant outside OK, cleaned gutters but not the problem. Worse when raining heavily and wind blowing, I think problem is above the window at roof/gutter area, can anyone help me or know anyone who can have a look. Have to get someone off internet if not, but a bit wary of cowboys. I live in the handsworth area of sheffield
  3. just thought it would be something different from "normal" amusement parks not especially into diggers. ex wife was into gold diggers (sorry wrong website lol couldn't resist it).thanks for your view.
  4. anyone been to diggerland west yorkshire.is it a good day out.got 7 year old twins(boys).don,t suppose 14 year old daughter would enjoy it or would she? (no shops lol)
  5. :help:car failed mot yesterday can i go to a different garage to have the work done and tested again,not so sure as taking it to a different garage to have the work done then back to the original one is a good idea!
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