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  1. Not one of the two who has been contributing and I'm not on a border state but 90% of everyone I know has no respect for the President and they don't believe in this wall business either. The government shutdown has cost more more than the wall would have cost if it had been funded as requested. I wonder how many Trump supporters will throw their vote in a different direction at the next election because they didn't get paid during the shutdown. Many I imagine.
  2. I agree, to a point. The sooner Americans understand there are more than just Republicans and Democrats, the better. But, really, Barney would have been better than what we have now.
  3. My alternative was Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. That would have been a far better choice.
  4. I decided to drop in tonight to see what's going on (really just to see if anyone of my old friends remembered me on my birthday...ahem) but the title of this thread caught my attention. How awful is he really? Lol. He is the worst. Such an embarrassment. He is an over grown toddler . He is frightening. Just hoping his term is over before he has a chance to get us all nuked.
  5. I'm wearing all black today. ....I'm in mourning for my country.
  6. Only 34% of the polling stations have reported in North Carolina so far and it's tied at 49% each. There is still hope that Hillary will win NC.
  7. I don't know how things work there but over here, unless there is signed legal agreement or court order giving full interest in the house to your friend, her soon to be ex still has a claim to it. Doesn't matter who is on the mortgage. What matters is who is on the deed. She needs legal advice.
  8. Mine would be a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with lots of ice cold milk. Yum!
  9. I think they have all be said before but... Turn ons: Maturity (not necessarily age), responsibility, ability to laugh at oneself, honesty, intelligence. Turn offs: Lying, cheating, egotists, controlling personalities, chewing with your mouth open.
  10. I had a series of horrible dreams last night. In one part, my house was right on the Danube River (which isn't possible because I'm in the US) and it flooded like it did last summer and it was coming up close to my house. In another part of the dream, my husband and I witnessed a car crash where the front seat passenger was thrown forward so that his upper torso was through the front windshield and laying on the hood of the car. I hate dreams like these. Makes me uneasy all day long.
  11. I've never understood this. I don't call myself an Anglo Saxon American. My husband doesn't call himself a German American. We're just American. There has to be a better way of describing people with dark soon regardless of what country they are in.
  12. I love school uniforms! No fighting about what to wear. No having to have something everyone else has. Plus it equalizes everyone. Poor, middle class, wealthy all look the same. My youngest has to wear a uniform to her school. Just wish my oldest did at her school.
  13. I got my husband a beer brewing kit for Christmas and we had a taste of the first batch last weekend. It was excellent!! We need to buy a hydrometer to measure alcohol content but it was pretty strong based on how quickly I felt the effects. Now we are ready to start a new batch, just need to find some Bavarian hops as he is German and wants to make some that tastes like his hometown brew. Its worth the investment and in the long run, cheaper than buying really good beer from the store.
  14. I saw that last night....my daughter showed it to me. lol.
  15. I used to have a stash of Hendersons Relish. I snuck it home in my suitcase last time i was over there but sadly its all gone and last I checked they won't ship to the US. I really did prefer it over worchestershire and I put it in everything.
  16. He should get together with Miley Cyrus. They are both train wrecks. And they look strangely alike. I imagine all the wealth and fame is difficult to handle since he already lacks maturity. Its a shame because he is very talented though i don't care for his music.
  17. I am a cat lover so I find it repulsive but hey....in come countries, they eat cat and dog just like we eat cows and chickens. As long as he was the owner of the cat and he killed it humanely and it didn't suffer, I can't see why he should be in legal trouble.
  18. The point is it should be made clear that an injustice was done here. We don't have all the information on this, I'm certain, but I think the idea was to clear his name, if possible, or at the very least hold the State of South Carolina responsible for what seems to be a clear miscarriage of justice. I'm sure his relatives would love to have his name cleared though the judge stated she would only be able to determine if he got a fair trial which I think its a no brainer that he didn't. Can't bring him back though.
  19. I read about this just this morning on another news site and it is truly sickening. The tribal/small village sense of justice is completely wacko. I guess the "judges" figured they could punish her and get some "strange" out of the deal. I hope those men are thrown in jail and gang raped by other prisoners. That would go a little way toward justice right there.
  20. This is quite true. You should never brush immediately after eating a meal, eating acidic fruits or even after vomiting as the acid softens the enamel on your teeth and if you brush, you take some enamel off and it doesn't grow back. I don't rinse after I brush and it did take some getting used to but it wasn't long.
  21. Good grief! They sound as crazy as the Tea Party in the US!
  22. As of 2012 it was still illegal in my state and 13 others, not that its enforced. Of course, I live in the Bible Belt so its not much of a surprise. I believe fellatio between unmarried individuals is also illegal here. Welcome to North Carolina, stuck in the dark ages.
  23. Ralph had a sickness that was dangerous and contagious....lol. Homosexuality is apparently something you can "catch" from someone else. And Jimmy was released "on probation" to his parents. Ahh...yes. Homosexual behavior was considered a crime against nature back then. Homosexuality was equated with pedophilia. It is laughable in retrospect but as several of you have already stated, 50 years from now people will look back at all sorts of things we consider progressive and ask "what were they thinking?!"
  24. That seems awfully foolish. Surely there is a safer way to take down a silo. And they didn't sound American. Definitely heard Canadian accents. Maybe you should change the thread title to North American Destruction.
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