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  1. or you could just order them online with a limit from o2 of 4 per person
  2. need to download the internet browser though which is now no longer free
  3. genuine microsoft student versions need a referal or code from school or some type of proof as far as i can see this site doesnt ask for that, OEM means you need to buy hardware as well although that can be just a cheapo mouse
  4. if you fire task manager up ( ctrl alt del )and log your user out then re log in from welcome screen it will work, but there is a virus behind it, and i would take a stab at vundo, download latest virus updates and also a program called vundo fix then boot into safe mode and run them. good luck
  5. still on beta sarah, and after my probs would recommend to avoid, until it auto updates
  6. something looks dubious to me, the price is too low even for student or OEM versions, also you get no box and no instructions, you need to look out for the hologram to say it is genuine microsoft product otherwise even at 50 quid its overpriced.
  7. tried it on my old xp install and it managed to kill facebook and ebay, still dont know how?
  8. had a microsoft wireless keyboard and it was more trouble than it was worth, especially if you need to boot into safe mofe for anything. pointless waste of money IMO sorry
  9. I dont use wifi for gaming but do use it for media streaming,
  10. easiest thing in world is to empty and re install everything, however it may not be necessary. I am intrigued in what you mean by taken desktop back to original settings?
  11. would be concerned about this specific one, sounds like a hong kong special
  12. personally i would buy another stick of ram as well as what ever processor you plump for, i am running a amd athlon 64 x2 4800+ which was about 50 quid from ebuyer http://www.ebuyer.com/product/134571 runs vista aero fine with a processor score of 5.1 (no idea what that means)
  13. as the pc is actually doing 2 jobs at once some times it can "appear" jerky, may be worth trying to burn it onto a dvd to see if it is watchable
  14. I am not totally convinced how a road can be dangerous, with it being an inanimate object, and thereby devoid of life and malicious intent. I am however totally convinced that the stocksbridge bypass somehow attracts complete idiots, with no idea of the highway code, and a non existent enforcement system. I drive on the bypass daily and so far have never been killed.
  15. have a look at this site it might help, i have never used audacity so cant really say what it should and shouldnt do http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Windows_Vista_OS would also see which version you downladed 1.2.6 looks like the one to use as 1.3 looks like it still being worked on, this is the download for 1.2.6 : http://audacity.sourceforge.net/latest/audacity-win/audacity-win-1.2.6.exe
  16. what about a track ball that would possibly make life easier, I have a friend with RSI who uses one and it helps dramatically (they say)
  17. have you got the latest sound drivers for your pc. Vista can be slow to update drivers sometimes
  18. might be cheaper to buy a domestic stand alone unit from somewhere. we messed about for ages and spent loads on trying to convert vhs to dvd using Pc but eventually bought a dvd recorder from argos and it was done realy easy in no time at all.
  19. loadsa options all really depends what software you own already have. personally i would use powerpoint, however if you havent got that i think windows movie maker will do what you want, and that should be installed with any windows xp onwards.
  20. if ccl can beat ebuyers delivery rate on that laptop i will buy it myself
  21. music and pics yes, office software unfortunately no, but you could download open office which is really good (or so I am told) and free
  22. that one looks like http://www.ebuyer.com/product/139023 only a tenner saving though
  23. i would go for the largest amount of memory and the biggest hard drive you can afford, processor speed for that use is probably not that important unless work involves video editing. Just stick to either Intel or AMD cos some laptops come with a cheapo via cpu
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