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  1. I've heard they dont charge for you to walk in the woods at the moment but there are plans to, everything other than that cycling (own bikes) and swimming are chargeable. seem to remember heated floors, and def remember HUGE spiders
  2. would nt touch warwick with a bargepole, have used KB at wadsley bridge number of times sorry havent got number think salesman is called Patrick
  3. on the pc that the printer is connected to go to start menu and then run and type cmd and press return, when you have the window that has a black background type ipconfig and the number after ipv4 will tell you that pc's ip address
  4. find the ip address of the pc the printer is connected to and type it into the run box so if the printer was connected to you simply type \\ and a screen will pop up asking you to log on if applicable when done that another screen will appear with the printer on, you may need to install the printer drivers on your laptop as well,
  5. Why cant people see its a scam? because all scams work on peoples greed, "you dont get owt for nowt" is never a bad phrase to live by, if the stuff they were selling was really that genuine surely ebay would be used. Reason they get away with it Eastgate market is a private site which the public are invited onto, however the police need a warrant to enter the boundarys. Or this was the case a few years ago when i was talking to one of the people sellin knock off tapes. Roger Cook did an investigation into the auction people and got threatened, cant remember how it ended though By the way be careful of people offering to do a "top notch job of tarmacking your drive sur" they wont
  6. thats the one at fleetwood i think, we were there about 4 1/2 years ago and it ok but needed modernising. Fair distance to Blackpool though, would say a 3/4 hour walk to north pier if you fairly fit, a tram terminus in fleetwood though
  7. would use uncle sams, went there about two months ago and food still v good, as for damons the quality I had last time was below McD's 79p burgers on a really bad day and considerably more expensive.
  8. fog on the tyne from gazza http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=T1urq4Vb0XM brown sauce from swap shop gang http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=A8c3BnBYN2w 24-7 euro pop from 90's ibiza http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=zI_k69xk9nI 900 number (which i used to love in cairos) no the monotony http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pXCxHNEmbRo any cliff richard single especially the xmas ones
  9. lasers are good if you are printing text all the time, inkjets are more versatile in as much as you can do photos as well
  10. have got a lexmark p4350 can scan copy and print photo quality, works in vista think it only cost 60 quid, i network it through network address of pc it connected to eg run \\:192.***.*.***, ink a bit pricey though
  11. dont sd cards have a maximum number of writes?, could it have reached this number?
  12. both me and the wife (not orange) have 4x4's, hers is petrol mine is diesal and we get the exact same mpg. which just happens to be the same as a number of other cars that arent 4x4's we just get better ground clearance and if the weather turns there is no problem picking our child up from school. What really does irritate me and a number of my non 4x4 owning friends is how bad people with small cars park, we have worked out that it is directly proportional that the smaller the car the worse the driver is at parking, the white lines are supposed to be at either side of the car not under the tyres. Oh and global warming doesnt exist long term (statistically we are still in the ice age). there is no valid defendable trend to back it up. however there is documented evidence that the government are making a fortune out of it.
  13. yep thats a virus, not norton, usually associated with a vundo type, will probably be also telling you to clean up your PC with some mechanic or other. its one of the many that norton misses
  14. some black and grren chew bar that was like a highland toffee bar but aniseedy
  15. always seemed more expensive than cairos or roxys, so only went occassionally, seem to remember pints were served in glasses with handles
  16. liked oughtibridge, however found deepcar / stocksbridge housing prices cheaper, and the commute easier as you are straight onto the A616 and then the M1
  17. i like vista but then again i do look things that are shiny even though they may be pretty pointless
  18. try realteks website sometimes the driver on there is newer than the one on ECS's website, alternatively try a windows rollback
  19. try this http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Downloads/DownloadFile.aspx?catid=1&driverid=2698&areaid=2&LanID=8
  20. you need to know the bios manufacturer, should tell you this when you turn on then go look at this web site http://www.pchell.com/hardware/beepcodes.shtml
  21. try this website looks like it gets answers to most wii questions http://www.wiierror.com/wii-error-220602.php
  22. rony on radio sheffield did some play about him i think?
  23. ironic how i couldnt be bothered to vote, however registered my vote on here that i didnt vote
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