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  1. have got one its a 933 i think runs at 133 fsb
  2. theres a mario party type game that my lil lad likes, like a board game with mini games as well????
  3. have you scanned it, cos some scanners come with automated software for altereing exposure
  4. we on barham park and thats cheap ish, total cost includin insurance gas electric and ground rent is 2000
  5. i ve got the same problem however i can only presume that the front panel usb ports are just not working. because all the other ports on the pc recognise the stick (vista)
  6. in brief you need to open a port on your router that your torrent program uses and link that to the ip address of the pc which is doing the downloading http://www.portforward.com has a good tutorial and you can make it specific to your router. I have got to point out downloading copywritten files if you do not own the licence is illegal however open source programs are available on there as well i believe
  7. use that myself but, it wont connect to my monitor and friend is on hols for a week so cant read off the screen unless in safe mode, does cpuz work in safe mode
  8. Thanks, found that but it goes off on a bit of a tangent and doesnt really answer any questions
  9. Please can someone help, I have been asked by a mate to see if there is anything i can do to an old dell pc to make it a little bit quicker, he hasnt got a manual or a spec sheet. I have found out the following. Optiplex G150 PSU 200w onboard graphics (8225 ?) P3 933mhz processor 256mb sdram 20gb hard drive. Avoiding the jokes about throwing it off a cliff to see it go any faster, anyone got any constrcutive comments please. It has got a slot in the AGP type area on the motherboard, but it is one single slot and isnt seperated like the last few PC's I have built are. The motherboard hasnt got anything printed on it, and the size is different to standard sizes, screwholes dont match. I have got a box of old bits that i could put in it but dont know if the bios will handle a standalone graphics card or 1gb of memory. any help appreciated, thanks
  10. download vundo fix and run it with your laptop in safemode (f8 on startup)
  11. you are only allowed the 40p up to a certain amount of business miles (12000 i think) then its 25p, and if your employer only pays you 20p you are only entitled to tax relief on the difference, eg on first 12000 miles you would get 5p ish from governments and on any miles above that a little over 1p.
  12. dont want to join in on the mine is better than yours arguement, but the DS has got too many things that can go wrong (hinge and touch screen becoming unbelievably scratched. PSP looks good and you can connect it to the ps3 (if you get one in the future), not to mention the screen quality and the ability to put homebrew applications on certain versions
  13. saw a sign once in a unisex toilet that said please put the seat down, someone had written underneath it the Ibiza is a crap car
  14. and thats why i avoided doing an NVQ It all depends on the individual shop as to honouring the price, however legally a shop could put a price tag on an item at 1p and then when you got to the checkout charge you £100, its then your decision whether or not to complete the purchase. They are not legally obliged to sell anything to anyone if they dont want to (unless its on the grounds of any kind of discrimination).
  15. have a look on http://www.whatcar.co.uk and search used car reviews, the owners will tell you what mpg they got. I cant see point in a type R if your not going to tear it up, you might as well go for the smaller engined ones
  16. if you have xp onwards you can use movie maker, otherwise am sure there are plenty of freeware progs out there
  17. its now on mozilla's website http://www.mozilla-europe.org/en/firefox/
  18. so how does this apply to software mods psp for example
  19. votes for psp and the wonders of homebrew
  20. have threatened and started proceedings agains both d*x*ns (breach of contract) and H**v*ys (goods unsuitable for purpose they were sold) both were settled before they reached court.
  21. there was a green map made of sw sheffield early last year you may still be able toget hold of a copy
  22. when you copy into word if you click one of the corners you can drag it to make it bigger
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