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  1. have seen one of these but noticed the attachment was an .exe file, didnt open it
  2. just got a 5.5 k loan online no problems, at same time my bank was offerin me a £25k no further questions money in an hour loan, as well as a 1250 overdraft limit and have just got home to see that my credit limit has been increased on my 0% card to 9500. Which is now higher than the 7000 that i got on my main credit card. Oh and we got a draw down set up with the mortgage currently limited at 57k Oh this credit crunch how will i ever cope.
  3. I tried costco and found them Really expensive on tyres, but i suppose each to their own
  4. place on same retail park as matalan near parkway does cheap ones
  5. over weight people, avoid being used as stock footage for britains obesity problem by always wearing a top with the slogan " All newsreaders are ****s "
  6. kept reading them thinking they must get better, which site did u get these from i will avoid it
  7. u could do it yourself, really is fairly simple
  8. I used to work at a bookmakers in both football grounds in SHeffield (92-97), and we employed a lot of students, one day a young lady from Brighton who i was working with asked me how i knew so many people, when i said no i dont she said "why do people keep calling you luv then"
  9. just put it into glasses online guide. it says you will get between 1200 and 1500 as a trade in, and in mint condition a dealer may put it up as high as 3000. if its cash you want you probably looking more towards the 1200 in my opinion
  10. if this happened 24 hour ago why is there no mention on any news site?????? and we live in stocksbridge and no one is talking about it either if its a wind up someone wants to get a life
  11. .3142 average but have been drinkin stella
  12. lasers can give up on psp's thats why i make a back up of all my umd's. i reckon any independent console/game shop should be able to sort psp, soz cant help on xbox
  13. am using talktalk in deepcar and get 7.2mbps, but there are so many factors that can effect it, and more importantly they only ever quote up to on speeds. So no tradin standards issues am afraid, however if the line dint actually work for days on end that may be a different matter
  14. have had a bit of success with this kinda stuff, PM me if you want help
  15. dont think you can remove and re install because it scatters references all over your hard drive, if it finds one it realises what you are tryin to do
  16. i dont think you can actually burn it to a dvd once you have bought it via download ( i presume from EA's own site?)
  17. Its a facebook group to follow on from the attempt a couple of years ago to create jedi as a religion http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=29066687558
  18. need to hire a car for a week at end of july any thoughts or opinions welcome
  19. as long as the games are homebrew or are backups of games you already have and you are not infringin copyright yes. but I am not allowed to tell you on this forum
  20. one up at beighton (sheffield caravans), or one at dinnington (sy caravans) know its not near hillsborugh but might be worth a shout.
  21. we used to wedge the button in with a match stick lot easier
  22. would be enuff to take top of your head off if you were tied to a tree that implies some part of you is touching the trunk, therefore yes you would get a shock.
  23. bought the wife hers with cashback on mortgage but yeh you right no point to it.
  24. its got the thawte logo so should be ok
  25. decent offer, but told them got a better one elsewhere and got an extra 300 quid on part ex. if you give them your details expect to have telesales ringing you after. Still got them ringing even though bought a car elsewhere 2 weeks ago
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